1.6 Operational Procedures for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

This section provides important operational instructions to help you minimize the risk of injury or damage.

1.6.1 Emergency Power-off Considerations

If there is an emergency, then power to Oracle PCA should be halted immediately. The following emergencies might require powering off the system:

  • Natural disasters such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado or cyclone

  • Abnormal noise, smell or smoke coming from the system

  • Threat to human safety Emergency Power-off Procedure

To perform an emergency power-off procedure for Oracle PCA, turn off power at the circuit breaker or pull the emergency power-off switch in the computer room. Emergency Power-off Switch

Emergency power-off (EPO) switches are required in a computer room when computer equipment contains batteries capable of supplying more than 750 volt-amperes for more than five minutes. Systems that have these batteries include internal EPO hardware for connection to a site EPO switch or relay. Use of the EPO switch will remove power from the Oracle PCA.

1.6.2 Cautions and Warnings

The following cautions and warnings apply to Oracle PCA:

  • Do not touch the parts of this product that use high-voltage power. Touching them might result in serious personal injury.

  • Do not power off Oracle PCA unless there is an emergency. In that case, follow the Section, “Emergency Power-off Procedure”.

  • Keep the front and rear cabinet doors closed. Failure to do so might cause system failure or result in damage to hardware components.

  • Keep the top, front, and back of cabinets clear to allow proper airflow and prevent overheating of components.

  • Use only the supplied hardware.