D.2 Data Center Room Checklist

Complete the following checklist to ensure that the data center room requirements are met. For information about the data center requirements, see Section 2.2, “Flooring Requirements”.

Table D.2 Data Center Room Checklist 

Data Center Room Considerations





Has the Oracle PCA location been allocated?

Is there a vacant location for the new equipment?

Does the floor layout meet the equipment maintenance access requirements?

Is there adequate space available for maintenance?

Will the equipment be positioned so that the exhaust air of one rack does not enter the air inlet of another rack?

Have cabinet stabilization measures been considered?

Does the raised floor satisfy the weight requirements for the new hardware?

Can floor tiles be removed without permission to accommodate service?

Are there cable routing channels or cutouts?

Are you providing any additional hardware?

Is the hardware you are providing fully compatible with the Oracle PCA?

Will the new hardware location require any non-standard cable lengths?

Is the floor to ceiling height a minimum of 3214 mm or 3.2 m (10.5 feet)?

Is the depth of the raised floor a minimum of 46 cm (18 inches)?