64-bit Processing

EnterpriseOne has supported 64-bit hardware, operating systems, databases, Java, and middleware for many years. Components such as HTML Server, Enterprise Server, Development client, AIS Server, Orchestrator and other Java-based components, are 64-bit enabled.

Why Move to 64-bit


    Future Proof Your Investment

    Adopt future technology and future-proof your environments. Avoid risk of facing hardware and software obsolescence. The move itself to 64-bit is the cost benefit.

    Adopt Innovative Enhancements

    It enables JD Edwards to deliver future product innovation and support newer versions of the required technology stack.

    Remain Relevant

    Vendors of third-party components such as database drivers, which EnterpriseOne requires, may also plan to only provide limited support of 32-bit components.

    Migrate Through Automation

    There is no impact to your business processes or business data. Transitioning to 64-bit processing is a technical uplift that is managed with the JD Edwards tools Foundation.