Provides real-time information and traceability for the entire crop-to-product cycle, and enables you to manage the details of your operations and gain increased visibility and improved productivity.

Blend Management

Integrates all aspects of your beverage production including vessel management, lot management, blend operations, and product specifications, enabling you to establish and maintain lot quality by tracking attributes from source of supply to finished product.

Manage all Aspects of Your Blend Operations


    Improving Operational Efficiency

    A web-based solution that integrates Blend Operations with Grower Management, Inventory, Address Book, Quality Management, Procurement and General Ledger.

    Increasing Operational Visibility

    Real-time data related to the source composition, quality tests, vessels, and other blend activities.

    Define and Manage Blend Activities

    Define an overall blend process with configured operation types giving producers control and visibility.

    UX One Roles for Blend

    Winemakers and cellar managers can access UX One role based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information, freeing up time spent in front of a computer screen for more valuable work.

Grower Management

Enables growers and processors supplied by growers to capture vital land block and harvest details and attributes along with activities performed for the entire growing season cycle from pre-planting planning to post-harvest cleanup.

Manage Land and Crop Details throughout the Growing Cycle


    Detailed, Integrated Cost Management

    Roll up each activity cost into the total operational cost and use this information to benchmark activities and attributes that improve crop production.

    Manage Land, Crop, and Harvest Attributes

    Increase productivity by quickly accessing data for each block of land with respect to crop and harvest identification.

    Integrated with Grower Pricing and Payments

    Use crop contracts available in Grower Pricing and Payments to secure accurate crop pricing, adjustments, and payments to growers.

    UX One Roles for Grower

    Crop production managers and field operations managers can access UX One role based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to analyze and estimate harvest accurately.

Grower Pricing and Payments

Enables you operate in an integrated data environment across your enterprise and support contracts and associated settlements from initial planting to final harvest each season, as well as payments based on the selling price of the crop.

Contracts with a Settlement process for your Growers


    Pay on Proceeds

    Allows you to track the crop receipts against the associated sales orders to pay growers based on market price.

    Grower Contract Term Tracking

    Track contract length terms with renewal extension, quality terms, action date table, and contract clauses.

    Advanced Pricing

    Provides enhanced features such as minimum and maximum price, matrix pricing, and pricing based on quality terms.

    UX One Roles for Grower Pricing and Payments

    Grower contracts managers can access UX One role based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to create and manage contracts.