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What JD Edwards is Announcing

December 19, 2018 - Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2 Update 3

ERP Notification Enhancements - Delivered Notifications

A wide range of delivered notifications are now available across JD Edwards business processes:

  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Approvals
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financials
  • Equipment Management
  • Requisition Self Service
  • Real Estate Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Costing
Want to see all announcements prior to December 19, 2018?

Oracle JD Edwards today announces significant customer-driven product updates to empower companies on their journey to becoming digital enterprises. These enhancements provide companies transformative solutions to innovate in the digital economy and to run their business their way.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release 9.2 Update 3 provides customers with new ERP notification enhancements adding to modern digital solutions, customer-driven ERP enhancements, and legislative and localization updates.

ERP Notification Enhancements - Delivered Notifications

Notifications enable managers and employees to remain in touch with critical conditions and events that occur continuously throughout the enterprise. Notifications are pushed to subscribers even when they are not actively using the JD Edwards system, raising awareness, enabling quick action and enhancing the digital enterprise.

JD Edwards has delivered 64 EnterpriseOne notifications making it easy to quickly adopt Notifications and create immediate business value.

Users can subscribe to or personalize the delivered notifications to meet unique use cases, or use them to seed new ideas that address specific business needs.

A wide range of delivered notifications are now available across JD Edwards modules, including the following business processes:

  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Approvals
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financials
  • Equipment Management
  • Requisition Self Service
  • Real Estate Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Costing

For details on available notifications, refer to the “Appendix for Delivered Notifications” section in individual functional application user guides.

Also, a new Notification Message Center is available with Tools Release 9.2.3 enabling users more control managing notifications.

For more information, visit the Notifications page on

Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements

Customer-driven ERP enhancements continue to build on the extensive business applications already available within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. These enhancements provide valuable business logic, simplify business processes, and enhance the user experience.

Capital Asset Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules

    When working with Preventive Maintenance Schedules and Backlog items, it is important to know if they have routes or associations in order to plan and execute Preventive Maintenance with the utmost efficiency. Visual indicators included in the PM Schedules and PM Backlog applications show if routes and/or associations exist for an item. CafeOne layouts have been provided to easily view these routes and/or associations. These indicators and layouts enable the maintenance staff to view this information without having to navigate to other applications, greatly improving the application’s usability.

  • Simplified Work Order Copy
    The ability to copy an existing work order is a fundamental requirement for equipment maintenance activities. To simplify this activity, users now have the ability to view the source work orders parts list or labor detail when copying a work order. This provides the user confidence that they are copying the most applicable work order, including the parts and labor.
  • Lease Accounting

    JD Edwards previously announced support for Balance Sheet Accounting for Lessees of Property and Non-Property, Lease Term Changes, Lease Simplification, Revenue Recognition for Real Estate, and FASB 13 (straight-line rent). These new enhancements provide lessees of both property and non-property and lessors of property, the ability to efficiently administer and account for their leases following IASB and FASB accounting standards that are effective January 2019. Visit the Lease Management page on LearnJDE to learn more.

  • Joint Venture Management

    JD Edwards previously announced the availability of enhancements to Financial Management to provide customers who act as the managing partner in joint ventures the ability to define joint ventures, specify date-effective percentages of ownership, calculate each joint venture partner’s pro rata share of cost and revenue, calculate overhead charges, and perform billing for joint ventures. These new enhancements provide managing partners an effective solution for joint venture accounting including traceability and auditability of all transactions and distributed amounts related to each joint venture.

  • Payment Control Groups

    The Payment Control Group report has been enhanced to provide additional information when reviewing payments prior to processing. This additional information includes the payment control group number and the formatted bank account number at the group level. It also includes additional bank account information for each supplier’s bank account such as the SWIFT and IBAN numbers. These additions to the report greatly improve the reviewers’ ability to validate the payments prior to processing.

  • Configurable Bank Account Information

    The validation of bank account information in the Bank Accounts by Address application is now configurable, enabling customers to define which combinations of the four bank account numbers (Bank Transit, Bank Account Number, IBAN, or SWIFT) are required for different types of bank accounts. Customers can easily enhance the usability of the application even further by creating personalized forms that are specific to their bank account information requirements.

  • Item Balance Purge

    Data purge issues are reduced with improvements delivered in the Item Balance Purge process. The closed statuses used for work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders was limited, constraining which locations were purged. Now that closed statuses are user-defined, all locations can be purged as needed.

  • Manufacturing Accounting Decimal Precision

    Integrity between the general ledger and item ledger is improved with greater decimal precision when hours and quantities are recorded on manufacturing work orders. A data conversion program is now available to increase the decimal precision of hours and quantity values that are stored and used for manufacturing accounting. This can significantly reduce or eliminate the potential for rounding variances between the Item and General Ledger.

Health and Safety Incident Management
  • Task Detail Form

    A new Task Detail form is now available making it easier than ever to capture task information. Similar to the People Details and Equipment Details forms, the new Task Details form arranges the task fields on a simple intuitive form, easily accessed from the Activities subform of the Incident Master. Additionally, the new Task Details form can be used in a CafeOne window from the Incident Task Inquiry application to facilitate updating tasks without having to access the incident master.

  • Health and Safety User Defined Data

    User Defined Data for Health and Safety Incident Management enables users to define and capture additional information related to health and safety incidents. These flexible fields extend the information that can be associated with the incident master record. Flexible fields can vary by type to distinguish different types of incident master records. For example, you may use the incident master to capture reportable incidents and define Record Type as ‘Reportable Incidents’ and then use User Defined Data to capture additional information about the incident, such as risk assessment information. User Defined Data can be searched and reported across incidents.

Human Capital Management
  • Lock-in Letter Compliance

    When a lock-in letter is received from the IRS for an employee, you are obligated to ignore any W-4 information requested by the employee if it would result in lower federal tax withholding. JD Edwards now provides a way to monitor for lock-in letter compliance. An orchestration evaluates the filing status and number of exemptions for employees flagged as having a lock-in letter and sends notifications for any non-compliance.

  • Benefits Preview

    JD Edwards has simplified the benefits enrollment user experience by providing an interface that enables the employee to see each benefit selected and its associated cost as they choose their benefit elections. This easily enabled enhancement will greatly improve your employees’ experience and satisfaction with open enrollment.

  • Manager Change for Time Card Approval

    The manager/supervisor change process has been improved to provide the new manager access to review and approve pre-existing time cards.


Overstating taxes paid to a supplier is now prevented within the Voucher Match Manager business service when taxes need to be overridden. This is possible with the ability to identify the specific receipt lines that should have the tax amount overridden at the time of voucher match.

System Foundation

JD Edwards has delivered a table definition inquiry application that simplifies the method for viewing detailed table definitions for EnterpriseOne tables including columns, primary index, sequence, and data dictionary properties. Business analysts, developers, and power users no longer need to use the design tool to understand table information and design specifications. This new interactive application simplifies learning while speeding up research and problem resolution.

Legislative and Localization Updates

This release delivers the following Legislative and Localization updates:

Following is a link to the Localization MOS document on My Oracle Support:

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