Provides low-cost solutions that ensure your customer's success and repeat business. Get the right product to the right place at the right time at the right price in the right condition.

Inventory Management

Provides pinpoint accuracy of product quantities and locations, and instant access to item availability information, both within the facility and throughout the enterprise.

Minimize Inventory, Maximize Profitability


    End-to-End Inventory Visibility

    Provides pinpoint accuracy of product quantities and locations and instant access to the item availability information-throughout the enterprise.

    Supports Unique Requirements

    Features cross-docking capabilities, complete lot control, complete tag supply and demand analysis, supports EDI electronic commerce, speed location maintenance, mobile applications, and more.

    UX One Roles for Inventory Management

    Inventory Control Managers and Inventory Accounting Managers can access UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to manage the inventory efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Real-Time Supply and Demand Balancing

    You can view all demand factors as well as all sources of supply enabling real-time balancing of supply and demand.

Warehouse Management

Provides the flexibility and automated support to achieve better customer service and to lower operating costs.

Maximize Space Utilization


    Optimize Space Usage in Your Warehouse

    A user-configured and rules-based system to help you automate storage and handling decisions.

    Increase Labor Efficiency

    Make best use of your employees time and improve throughput by eliminating their back-and-forth warehouse trips, tracking accuracy, simplified transaction processing, and real-time visibility.

    Enhance Value Through Integration and Collaboration

    Integration with sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and transportation enables you to meet your customer preferences.

    UX One Warehouse Manager Role

    Warehouse Managers can access UX One role-based pages that enable them to easily access, review, and act upon important information to accelerate product flow, thereby providing better customer services and managing costs effectively.

Transportation Management

Integrates your logistics functions for the visibility you need to cost-effectively plan, arrange, and track the distribution and delivery of your products.

Minimize Transportation Costs


    Lower Transportation Costs

    Cut shipping costs with automated freight consolidation, route planning, load tendering, pooling, and automated records management.

    Management of Inbound Shipments

    In addition to providing strategic support on the outbound side, it also enables you to realize significant savings on inbound freight.

    Improved Customer Service

    Quote accurate shipment costs and make reliable delivery commitments to your customers, and make special arrangements based on the type of product being purchased.

    UX One Roles for Transportation Management

    Transportation Managers and Shipping Supervisors can access UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information, thereby ensuring prompt and reliable transportation in a cost-effective manner.

Apparel / Attribute Management

Supports distribution and manufacturing companies that offer a range of multi-attribute products and provides efficient processing of sales orders, purchase orders, material planning, shop floor and inventory systems.

Manage Multi-Attribute Items Across Product Line and Supply Chain


    Manage Collections Across Your Enterprise

    You can manage catalogs, seasonal offers, and multiple collections via timeframes, customer targets, pricing conditions, order entry specializations, or geographical aspects.

    Dynamic Order Priority Definitions Via Allocations

    Uses allocations to support dynamic order prioritization to meet demand at the detailed level like style, size, color, and more.

    End-toEnd Enterprise Management

    End-to-end enterprise management of complex product assortments throughout the entire supply chain for distribution and manufacturing companies.

    Simplify Order Entry Processing Time

    Simplify your order entry process using inventory across collections, matrix entry, and management of inventory issues.

Demand Scheduling Execution

Improves tracking of constantly changing customer demand, is adaptable to customer/OEM standards and processes, and ensures compliance with contractual terms.

Improve Responsiveness to Constantly Changing Demand


    Simplify Cumulative Quantity Management

    The system reduces the costs of monitoring inbound demand by automating the process of verifying and reconciling the shipped and received quantities.

    Tailoring Inbound Demand Calculations

    Flexibility to define demand calculations enabling you to consolidate demand across different customers and products.

    Improved Reporting for Better Partnerships

    The system helps you to streamline your access to information on inbound demand, shipment status, and all releases against a contract.

    Accurate Scheduling

    The system enters information directly into your planning and sales order management processes helping you to increase scheduling accuracy.