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Provides pinpoint accuracy of product quantities and locations, and instant access to item availability information, both within the facility and throughout the enterprise.


  • Dramatically reduce lead times by eliminating, automating, and accelerating processes
  • Use the UX One Shipping Supervisor role to view alerts for shipments by mode of transport and status, evaluate carrier activity and impact on your transportation program, and easily access shipment and load details
  • Use the UX One Transportation Manager role to view alerts for shipments with excessive freight charges, review transportation analytics that impact your transportation program, and easily access programs to update and review freight charges
  • Obtain real-time access to inventory quantities, status, and location
  • Reduce the amount and cost of carrying inventory
  • Improve the visibility and velocity of the flow of materials
  • Find the lowest-cost carrier that provides the highest value
  • Use the UX One Warehouse Manager role to quickly see alerts for each type of warehouse request, take a quick glance at warehouse movement efficiency, and easily access warehouse inquiry programs

Minimize Inventory, Maximize Profitability

End-to-End Inventory Visibility

Provides pinpoint accuracy of product quantities and locations and instant access to the item availability information-throughout the enterprise.

Supports Unique Requirements

Features cross-docking capabilities, complete lot control, complete tag supply and demand analysis, supports EDI electronic commerce, speed location maintenance, mobile applications, and more.

UX One Roles for Inventory Management

Inventory Control Managers and Inventory Accounting Managers can access UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to manage the inventory efficiently and cost-effectively.

Real-Time Supply and Demand Balancing

You can view all demand factors as well as all sources of supply enabling real-time balancing of supply and demand.