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Why Upgrade

Upgrade your EnterpriseOne environments to Release 9.2 and enjoy everything that JD Edwards has to offer. Upgrading helps you make use of features such as UX One, personalization, extensibility, and many more. You can also choose to upgrade to the Oracle Cloud while still enjoying all the benefits of your JD Edwards environment. Make use of new technology pillars such as Cloud, Mobile, and IoT to help in creating a better user experience.

Why You Must Upgrade to 9.2

React Rapidly

Technology is an enabler. It has been enabling your organization to be more competitive. With 9.2 with the latest enhancements, customers can quickly react to new business trends, regulatory requirements and technology trends.

Enable Innovation

Technology is always changing and evolving. Organizations need to leverage new technologies from Iot, mobile, AI and others to be successful and competitive. Being current on JD Edwards provides customer a platform to enable current and future innovation.

Reduce Risk

Your JD Edwards ERP system and the supporting hardware, software and third party systems that comprise your IT infrastructure are all key infrastructure components for your business. Neglecting this key infrastructure (by not staying current with upgrades and patches – time-locking your system) presents profound business risk. You should evaluate these risks in the same manner as other key business infrastructure items.

Improve Business Operations

Business processes and requirements constantly are evolving and changing. With 9.2 release and enhancements delivered as part our continuous delivery model, customers can streamline business and improve efficiencies through enhancements such as Joint Venture Management, Basket Price, Work Center Load Review Calendar and the 100’s of other enhancements.

Technical Considerations for Applications Upgrade to a 64-bit Version of 9.2

As of Tools Release 9.2.6, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is 100 percent enabled for 64-bit processing to ensure state-of-the art performance. Further, all new releases of EnterpriseOne will support only 64-bit processing. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Upgrade Guides contain a section describing the technical considerations for upgrading to 64-bit processing from previous releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne back to and including OneWorld Xe. Review this section before you start your installation to ensure that you install the appropriate versions in support of the upgrade.

Get Started

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  • Platform Statement of Direction
  • Staying Current Using the Decustomizer Analysis Report



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  • Tools Foundation Guide
  • Tools System Overview Guide
  • Installation and Upgrade Documentation

Get Started

  • Oracle Product Features
  • Oracle Technical Catalog
  • Technical Upgrade Considerations for JD Edwards World



Upgrade Simple, Upgrade Quick

Simplify the Upgrade Process

Beginning with Applications Release 9.2, a Simplified Upgrade is available. Whereas a Traditional Upgrade replaces all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects, the Simplified Upgrade process identifies and replaces only specific standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects that have changed between from Applications Release 9.0 Update 2 or Release 9.1 to Applications Release 9.2.

Impact Analysis Report

The Impact Analysis report:

  • Identifies new objects to be loaded into system
  • Identifies existing objects that will be replaced
  • Identifies obsoleted objects that will be deleted
  • Allows objects to be filtered by system code
  • Analyzes overall impact and advises the most efficient upgrade type

Take Advantage of Enhancements and Modern User Interface with Upgraded System

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Delivery gives you a tool to better align IT and the line of business organizations you support by scheduling the adoption of enhancements based on how you best serve the business rather than on an end-of-support date.

Reduced Level of Effort

JD Edwards has streamlined the upgrade framework to include upgrading to a code current environment with the latest Tools release and application enhancements, preserve more customizations, and minimize cut-over times. This reduces the time and effort to upgrade to weeks and a reduced cost.

Minimize Business Disruption

JD Edwards upgrade framework preserves business configuration, business data, and minimizes the impact to customizations. This framework enables to release 9.2 in weeks with not business disruption.

Accelerate Adoption

With JD Edwards upgrade framework and continuous delivery model, customers can leverage new capabilities like mobile, UX One and Notifications to solve business problems in days and weeks instead of long and costly implementation projects.

Why Move to EnterpriseOne?

World and EnterpriseOne: Both JD Edwards

Your company’s current JD Edwards World knowledge will translate to EnterpriseOne. The common design elements support similar general ledger, charts of accounts, bills of materials, address books, business processes, and configurable codes.

A Better User Experience

The graphical based navigational UI of EnterpriseOne makes daily tasks intuitive and easy. With EnterpriseOne 9.2, you also get features like mobile applications and the Orchestrator that enable you to stay connected anywhere and everywhere.