Using the Mobile Application Platform WorkCenter

Use the MAP WorkCenter page (IB_MAP_WRKCNTR) to perform the tasks necessary to create a MAP application..

Image: Mobile Application Platform WorkCenter page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Mobile Application Platform WorkCenter page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

MAP WorkCenter page

The workcenter contains 3 folders related to the type of task to be performed:


Field or Control


Image Upload

See Using the Upload Image Page

Dynamic Image Registration

See Using the MAP Dynamic Image Registration Page

Document Tester

See Understanding Testing Documents

Create Document From Record

See Creating Documents from Records


Field or Control


Layout Designer

See Navigating the Layout Designer

Template Designer

See Understanding Navigating the Template Designer

Document Builder

See Accessing the Document Builder


Field or Control


Default Layout properties

See Defining Default Layout Options

Delete Layouts

See Deleting Layouts

Rename Layouts

See Renaming Layouts

Delete Templates

See Deleting Layout TemplatesDeleting Layout Templates

Layout Status

See Using the Layout Status Page

MAP Security

See Administering Security

MAP File Synchronization

SeeSynchronizing MAP Files

MAP Device Information

See Reviewing Map Device Information

MAP Fluid Configuration

See Configuring MAP for Fluid