oci.adm.ApplicationDependencyManagementClient Use the Application Dependency Management API to create knowledge bases and vulnerability audits.
oci.adm.ApplicationDependencyManagementClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around ApplicationDependencyManagementClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.adm.models.ApplicationDependency An application dependency resource creates a vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.ApplicationDependencyRecommendationCollection A collection of recommended application dependency changes.
oci.adm.models.ApplicationDependencyRecommendationSummary An application dependency with the recommended version that does not contain any CVE.
oci.adm.models.ApplicationDependencyVulnerabilityCollection application dependencies with Vulnerabilities.
oci.adm.models.ApplicationDependencyVulnerabilitySummary An application dependency Vulnerability represents a single dependency in the application.
oci.adm.models.ApplyStage An apply stage merges the changes if the pull request is accepted.
oci.adm.models.ChangeKnowledgeBaseCompartmentDetails Details for moving a knowledge base.
oci.adm.models.ChangeRemediationRecipeCompartmentDetails Details for moving a remediation recipe resource.
oci.adm.models.ChangeRemediationRunCompartmentDetails Details for moving remediation run resources.
oci.adm.models.ChangeVulnerabilityAuditCompartmentDetails Details for moving a vulnerability audit resource.
oci.adm.models.CreateKnowledgeBaseDetails Details to create a new knowledge base.
oci.adm.models.CreateRemediationRecipeDetails Details to create a new Remediation Recipe.
oci.adm.models.CreateRemediationRunDetails Details to create a new remediation run.
oci.adm.models.CreateVulnerabilityAuditDetails Details to create a vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.DetectConfiguration A configuration to define the constraints when detecting vulnerable dependencies.
oci.adm.models.DetectStage A detect stage performs a Vulnerability Audit and determines if the remediation run should proceed to remediation stage.
oci.adm.models.ExternalResourceVulnerabilityAuditSource External source for the vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.ExternalScmConfiguration An external SCM configuration extends a SCM Configuration with necessary data to reach and use the Source Code Management tool/platform used by a Remediation Recipe.
oci.adm.models.GitHubActionsConfiguration Extends a Verify configuration with appropriate data to reach and use the build service provided by a GitHub Action.
oci.adm.models.GitLabPipelineConfiguration Extends a Verify configuration with appropriate data to reach and use the build service provided by a GitLab Pipeline.
oci.adm.models.JenkinsPipelineConfiguration Extends a Verify configuration with appropriate data to reach and use the build service provided by a Jenkins Pipeline.
oci.adm.models.KnowledgeBase A knowledge base is a component of Application Dependency Management (ADM) service that provides access to vulnerabilities.
oci.adm.models.KnowledgeBaseCollection Collection of knowledge base summaries.
oci.adm.models.KnowledgeBaseSummary The summary of a knowledge base.
oci.adm.models.NetworkConfiguration A network configuration defines the required network characteristics for an ADM remediation recipe.
oci.adm.models.NoneVerifyConfiguration Empty verify configuration when no build was selected.
oci.adm.models.OciCodeRepositoryConfiguration An OCI Code repository configuration extends a SCM Configuration with necessary data to reach and use the OCI DevOps Code Repository.
oci.adm.models.OciDevOpsBuildConfiguration OCI DevOps configuration extends a Verify Configuration with necessary data to reach and use the OCI DevOps Build Service.
oci.adm.models.OciResourceVulnerabilityAuditSource OCI resource source for the vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.PipelineProperties Pipeline properties which result from the run of the verify stage.
oci.adm.models.PullRequestProperties Pull request properties from recommend stage of the remediation run.
oci.adm.models.RecommendStage A recommend stage determines the recommended third-party dependencies that the app should use and (if any) opens a pull request to propose these changes.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRecipe An Application Dependency Management (ADM) remediation recipe contains the basic configuration and the details of each of the remediation stages (Detect, Recommend, Verify, and Apply).
oci.adm.models.RemediationRecipeCollection Collection of remediation recipe summaries.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRecipeSummary The summary of a Remediation Recipe.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRun A remediation run represents an execution of a Remediation Recipe to detect and fix vulnerabilities based on current state of the Vulnerabilities curated in the Knowledge Base.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRunCollection Collection of remediation run summaries.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRunStage A remediation run stage is one step of an remediation run.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRunStageCollection Collection of remediation run stage summaries.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRunStageSummary The summary of a remediation run stages.
oci.adm.models.RemediationRunSummary remediation run summary.
oci.adm.models.ScmConfiguration A configuration for the Source Code Management tool/platform used by a remediation recipe.
oci.adm.models.StageSummary stage summary of a remediation run.
oci.adm.models.UnknownSourceVulnerabilityAuditSource Unknown source for vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.UpdateKnowledgeBaseDetails Details to update an existing knowledge base.
oci.adm.models.UpdateRemediationRecipeDetails Details to update an existing remediation recipe.
oci.adm.models.UpdateRemediationRunDetails Details to update an existing remediation run.
oci.adm.models.UpdateVulnerabilityAuditDetails Details to update a vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.UsageDataDetails The source details of the usage data in object storage.
oci.adm.models.UsageDataViaObjectStorageTupleDetails Reference to an object in object storage as a tuple.
oci.adm.models.VerifyConfiguration The Verify stage configuration specifies a build service to run a pipeline for the recommended code changes.
oci.adm.models.VerifyStage A verify stage will run a build pipeline in a branch.
oci.adm.models.Vulnerability A vulnerability is a weakness or error in an artifact.
oci.adm.models.VulnerabilityAudit A vulnerability audit associates the application dependencies of a project with their associated Vulnerabilities.
oci.adm.models.VulnerabilityAuditCollection Collection of vulnerability audit summaries.
oci.adm.models.VulnerabilityAuditConfiguration Configuration for a vulnerability audit.
oci.adm.models.VulnerabilityAuditSource vulnerability audit source.
oci.adm.models.VulnerabilityAuditSummary vulnerability audit summary.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequest A description of workrequest status
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of a workRequestError search.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection Results of a workRequestLog search.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestSummary A summary of the status of a work request.
oci.adm.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection Results of a workRequest search.