File Storage

oci.file_storage.FileStorageClient Use the File Storage service API to manage file systems, mount targets, and snapshots.
oci.file_storage.FileStorageClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around FileStorageClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.file_storage.models.ChangeFileSystemCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment.
oci.file_storage.models.ChangeFilesystemSnapshotPolicyCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment of a file system snapshot policy.
oci.file_storage.models.ChangeMountTargetCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment.
oci.file_storage.models.ChangeOutboundConnectorCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment of the outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.ChangeReplicationCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment of both replication and replication target.
oci.file_storage.models.ClientOptions NFS export options applied to a specified set of clients.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateExportDetails Details for creating the export.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateFileSystemDetails Details for creating the file system.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateFilesystemSnapshotPolicyDetails Details for creating the file system snapshot policy.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateKerberosDetails Kerberos details needed to create configuration.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateLdapBindAccountDetails Account details for the LDAP bind account to be used by mount targets that use this outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateLdapIdmapDetails Mount target details about the LDAP ID mapping configuration.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateMountTargetDetails Details for creating the mount target.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateOutboundConnectorDetails Details for creating the outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateReplicationDetails Details for creating the replication and replication target.
oci.file_storage.models.CreateSnapshotDetails Details for creating the snapshot.
oci.file_storage.models.Endpoint Combination of DNS server name and port.
oci.file_storage.models.Export A file system and the path that you can use to mount it.
oci.file_storage.models.ExportSet A set of file systems to export through one or more mount targets.
oci.file_storage.models.ExportSetSummary Summary information for an export set.
oci.file_storage.models.ExportSummary Summary information for an export.
oci.file_storage.models.FileSystem An NFS file system.
oci.file_storage.models.FileSystemSummary Summary information for a file system.
oci.file_storage.models.FilesystemSnapshotPolicy A file system snapshot policy is used to automate snapshot creation and deletion.
oci.file_storage.models.FilesystemSnapshotPolicySummary Summary information for a file system snapshot policy.
oci.file_storage.models.Kerberos Allows administrator to configure a mount target to interact with the administrator’s Kerberos infrastructure.
oci.file_storage.models.KerberosKeytabEntry Details of each keytab entry read from the keytab file.
oci.file_storage.models.KeyTabSecretDetails Secret details of keytabs in Vault.
oci.file_storage.models.LdapBindAccount Account details for the LDAP bind account used by the outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.LdapBindAccountSummary Summary information for the LDAP bind account used by the outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.LdapIdmap Mount target details about the LDAP ID mapping configuration.
oci.file_storage.models.MountTarget Provides access to a collection of file systems through one or more VNICs on a specified subnet.
oci.file_storage.models.MountTargetSummary Summary information for the specified mount target.
oci.file_storage.models.OutboundConnector Outbound connectors are used to help File Storage communicate with an external server, such as an LDAP server.
oci.file_storage.models.OutboundConnectorSummary Summary information for an outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.Replication Replications are the primary resource that governs the policy of cross-region replication between source and target file systems.
oci.file_storage.models.ReplicationEstimate Details for response from replication estimation.
oci.file_storage.models.ReplicationSummary Summary information for a replication.
oci.file_storage.models.ReplicationTarget Replication targets are associated with a primary resource called a Replication located in another availability domain in the same or different region.
oci.file_storage.models.ReplicationTargetSummary Summary information for replication target.
oci.file_storage.models.Snapshot A point-in-time snapshot of a specified file system.
oci.file_storage.models.SnapshotSchedule The snapshot schedule is a structure within a parent file system snapshot policy.
oci.file_storage.models.SnapshotSummary Summary information for a snapshot.
oci.file_storage.models.SourceDetails Source information for the file system.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateExportDetails Details for updating the export.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateExportSetDetails Details for updating the export set.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateFileSystemDetails Details for updating the file system.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateFilesystemSnapshotPolicyDetails Details for updating the file system snapshot policy.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateKerberosDetails Kerberos details needed to update configuration.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateLdapIdmapDetails Mount target details about the LDAP ID mapping configuration.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateMountTargetDetails Details for updating the mount target.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateOutboundConnectorDetails Details for updating the outbound connector.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateReplicationDetails Details for updating the replication and replication target.
oci.file_storage.models.UpdateSnapshotDetails Details for updating the snapshot.
oci.file_storage.models.ValidateKeyTabsDetails Validate keytabs request details.
oci.file_storage.models.ValidateKeyTabsResponseDetails Validate keytabs response details.