Capacity Management

oci.capacity_management.CapacityManagementClient OCI Control Center (OCC) Capacity Management enables you to manage capacity requests in realms where OCI Control Center Capacity Management is available.
oci.capacity_management.CapacityManagementClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around CapacityManagementClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.capacity_management.models.CreateOccAvailabilityCatalogDetails Details about the create request for the availability catalog.
oci.capacity_management.models.CreateOccCapacityRequestDetails Details about the create request for the capacity request.
oci.capacity_management.models.MetadataDetails Used for representing the metadata of the catalog.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccAvailabilityCatalog Details of the availability catalog resource.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccAvailabilityCatalogCollection A list of availability catalogs.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccAvailabilityCatalogSummary A catalog containing resource availability details for a customer.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccAvailabilityCollection A list of capacity constraints.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccAvailabilitySummary The details about the available capacity and constraints for different resource types present in the availability catalog.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCapacityRequest A single request of some quantity of a specific server type, in a specific location and expected delivery date.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCapacityRequestBaseDetails The details of the create capacity request.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCapacityRequestCollection A list of capacity requests.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCapacityRequestSummary A summary model for the capacity request model.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCustomer The details about the customer.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCustomerGroup Details of the customer group resource.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCustomerGroupCollection A list of customer groups.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccCustomerGroupSummary A customer group is a resource that represents the portion of the capacity reserved for a customer or a group of customers to facilitate their capacity bookings.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccOverviewCollection A list representing response of overview API.
oci.capacity_management.models.OccOverviewSummary The overview summary is used to represent an array item that shall be used to represent the overview of the catalog resources along with their corresponding capacity requests.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchInsertInstruction An operation that inserts a value into an array, shifting array items as necessary and handling NOT_FOUND exceptions by creating the implied containing structure.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchInsertMultipleInstruction An operation that inserts multiple consecutive values into an array, shifting array items as necessary and handling NOT_FOUND exceptions by creating the implied containing structure.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchInstruction A single instruction to be included as part of Patch request content.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchMergeInstruction An operation that recursively updates items of the selection, or adding the value if the selection is empty.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchMoveInstruction An operation that “puts” values from elsewhere in the target, functionally equivalent to a single add and then a remove.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchOccCapacityRequestDetails CapacityRequest details to patch.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchProhibitInstruction A precondition operation that requires a selection to be empty, or optionally to be non-empty but include no item with a specified value (useful for asserting that a value does not exist before attempting to create it, avoiding accidental update).
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchRemoveInstruction An operation that deletes items, ignoring NOT_FOUND exceptions.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchReplaceInstruction An operation that “puts” a value, replacing every item of the selection with it, or creating it if the selection is empty.
oci.capacity_management.models.PatchRequireInstruction A precondition operation that requires a selection to be non-empty, and optionally to include an item with a specified value (useful for asserting that a value exists before attempting to update it, avoiding accidental creation).
oci.capacity_management.models.UpdateInternalOccCapacityRequestDetails The details required for making an internal API update call for the capacity requests.
oci.capacity_management.models.UpdateOccAvailabilityCatalogDetails Details about the update request for updating the availability catalogs.
oci.capacity_management.models.UpdateOccCapacityRequestDetails The details required for making an update call for capacity requests.