oci.psql.PostgresqlClient Use the OCI Database with PostgreSQL API to manage resources such as database systems, database nodes, backups, and configurations.
oci.psql.PostgresqlClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around PostgresqlClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.psql.models.Backup Database system backup information.
oci.psql.models.BackupCollection Results of a backup search.
oci.psql.models.BackupPolicy PostgreSQL database system backup policy.
oci.psql.models.BackupSourceDetails Restoring to a new database system from the backup.
oci.psql.models.BackupSummary Summary information for a backup.
oci.psql.models.ChangeBackupCompartmentDetails The information used to move a backup to a different compartment.
oci.psql.models.ChangeConfigurationCompartmentDetails The information to move a configuration to a different compartment.
oci.psql.models.ChangeDbSystemCompartmentDetails Change database system compartment operation details.
oci.psql.models.ConfigOverrides Configuration overrides for a PostgreSQL instance.
oci.psql.models.ConfigParams Database configuration.
oci.psql.models.Configuration PostgreSQL configuration for a database system.
oci.psql.models.ConfigurationCollection Results of a configuration search.
oci.psql.models.ConfigurationDetails List of configuration details.
oci.psql.models.ConfigurationSummary Summary of the configuration.
oci.psql.models.ConnectionDetails Database system connection information.
oci.psql.models.CreateBackupDetails The information to create a new backup.
oci.psql.models.CreateConfigurationDetails The information to create a new configuration.
oci.psql.models.CreateDbInstanceDetails Information about the new database instance node.
oci.psql.models.CreateDbSystemDetails The information about new database system.
oci.psql.models.Credentials Initial database system credentials that the database system will be provisioned with.
oci.psql.models.DailyBackupPolicy Daily backup policy.
oci.psql.models.DbConfigurationOverrideCollection Configuration overrides for a PostgreSQL instance.
oci.psql.models.DbInstance Information about a database instance node.
oci.psql.models.DbInstanceEndpoint The database instance node endpoint information.
oci.psql.models.DbSystem Information about a database system.
oci.psql.models.DbSystemCollection Results of a database system search.
oci.psql.models.DbSystemDetails Information about the database system associated with a backup.
oci.psql.models.DbSystemSummary Summary information about a database system.
oci.psql.models.DefaultConfigParams Default database configuration.
oci.psql.models.DefaultConfiguration Default configurations for PostgreSQL database systems.
oci.psql.models.DefaultConfigurationCollection Results of a configuration search.
oci.psql.models.DefaultConfigurationDetails List of default configuration values for databases.
oci.psql.models.DefaultConfigurationSummary Summary of the configuration.
oci.psql.models.Endpoint Information about the database instance node endpoint.
oci.psql.models.FailoverDbSystemDetails Database system failover information.
oci.psql.models.ManagementPolicy PostgreSQL database system management policy.
oci.psql.models.ManagementPolicyDetails PostgreSQL database system management policy update details.
oci.psql.models.MonthlyBackupPolicy Monthly backup policy.
oci.psql.models.NetworkDetails Network details for the database system.
oci.psql.models.NoneBackupPolicy No backup policy.
oci.psql.models.NoneSourceDetails This is used to create new database system or update without restoring from backup.
oci.psql.models.OciOptimizedStorageDetails Storage details of the database system.
oci.psql.models.PasswordDetails Details for the database system password.
oci.psql.models.PatchDbSystemDetails For adding read replica database instances, the operation is INSERT and value object to specify is #/definitions/CreateDbInstanceDetails.
oci.psql.models.PatchInsertInstruction An operation that inserts a value into an array, shifting array items as necessary and handling NOT_FOUND exceptions by creating the implied containing structure.
oci.psql.models.PatchInstruction A single instruction to be included as part of Patch request content.
oci.psql.models.PatchMergeInstruction An operation that recursively updates items of the selection, or adding the value if the selection is empty.
oci.psql.models.PatchMoveInstruction An operation that “puts” values from elsewhere in the target, functionally equivalent to a single add and then a remove.
oci.psql.models.PatchProhibitInstruction A precondition operation that requires a selection to be empty, or optionally to be non-empty but include no item with a specified value (useful for asserting that a value does not exist before attempting to create it, avoiding accidental update).
oci.psql.models.PatchRemoveInstruction An operation that deletes items, ignoring NOT_FOUND exceptions.
oci.psql.models.PatchReplaceInstruction An operation that “puts” a value, replacing every item of the selection with it, or creating it if the selection is empty.
oci.psql.models.PatchRequireInstruction A precondition operation that requires a selection to be non-empty, and optionally to include an item with a specified value (useful for asserting that a value exists before attempting to update it, avoiding accidental creation).
oci.psql.models.PlainTextPasswordDetails Details for in-line database system password.
oci.psql.models.PrimaryDbInstanceDetails The primary database instance node details.
oci.psql.models.ResetMasterUserPasswordDetails Password detail that will be used to reset the database system’s master user.
oci.psql.models.RestartDbInstanceInDbSystemDetails Database instance node restart parameters.
oci.psql.models.RestoreDbSystemDetails Backup details to restore the database system.
oci.psql.models.ShapeCollection The list of shapes that can be used to create a database system.
oci.psql.models.ShapeSummary Summary of the database system shape.
oci.psql.models.SourceDetails The source used to restore the database system.
oci.psql.models.StorageDetails Storage details of the database system.
oci.psql.models.UpdateBackupDetails The backup information to be updated.
oci.psql.models.UpdateConfigurationDetails The information to update a configuration.
oci.psql.models.UpdateDbConfigParams Configuration for the PostgreSQL database instance.
oci.psql.models.UpdateDbSystemDbInstanceDetails Database instance node update parameters.
oci.psql.models.UpdateDbSystemDetails The information to be updated.
oci.psql.models.UpdateStorageDetailsParams Storage details of the database system.
oci.psql.models.VaultSecretPasswordDetails Secret details for the database system password.
oci.psql.models.WeeklyBackupPolicy Weekly backup policy.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequest An asynchronous work request.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of a workRequestError search.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection Results of a workRequestLog search.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestSummary A summary of the status of a work request.
oci.psql.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection Results of a workRequest search.