oci.redis.RedisClusterClient Use the Redis Service API to create and manage Redis clusters.
oci.redis.RedisClusterClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around RedisClusterClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.redis.models.ChangeRedisClusterCompartmentDetails The configuration details for the move operation.
oci.redis.models.CreateRedisClusterDetails The configuration details for a new Redis cluster.
oci.redis.models.Node The details of each node in the Redis cluster.
oci.redis.models.NodeCollection The collection of Redis cluster nodes.
oci.redis.models.RedisCluster A Redis cluster is a memory-based storage solution.
oci.redis.models.RedisClusterCollection A list of Redis clusters that match filter criteria, if any.
oci.redis.models.RedisClusterSummary Summary of information about a Redis cluster.
oci.redis.models.UpdateRedisClusterDetails The configuration to update for an existing Redis cluster.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequest An asynchronous work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing an operation that is tracked by a work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection A list of errors for a work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from executing an operation that is tracked by a work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection A list of logs for the specified work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestResource The resources that are affected by the work request.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestSummary A description of the work request status.
oci.redis.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection A list of work requests.