Generative Ai

oci.generative_ai.GenerativeAiClient OCI Generative AI is a fully managed service that provides a set of state-of-the-art, customizable large language models (LLMs) that cover a wide range of use cases for text generation, summarization, and text embeddings.
oci.generative_ai.GenerativeAiClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around GenerativeAiClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.generative_ai.models.ChangeDedicatedAiClusterCompartmentDetails The details to move a dedicated AI cluster to another compartment.
oci.generative_ai.models.ChangeEndpointCompartmentDetails The details to move an endpoint to another compartment.
oci.generative_ai.models.ChangeModelCompartmentDetails The details to move a custom model to another compartment.
oci.generative_ai.models.ChatModelMetrics The chat model metrics of the fine-tuning process.
oci.generative_ai.models.ContentModerationConfig The configuration details, whether to add the content moderation feature to the model.
oci.generative_ai.models.CreateDedicatedAiClusterDetails The data to create a dedicated AI cluster.
oci.generative_ai.models.CreateEndpointDetails The data to create an endpoint.
oci.generative_ai.models.CreateModelDetails The data to create a custom model.
oci.generative_ai.models.Dataset The dataset used to fine-tune the model.
oci.generative_ai.models.DedicatedAiCluster Dedicated AI clusters are compute resources that you can use for fine-tuning custom models or for hosting endpoints for custom models.
oci.generative_ai.models.DedicatedAiClusterCapacity The total capacity for a dedicated AI cluster.
oci.generative_ai.models.DedicatedAiClusterCollection Results of a dedicate AI cluster search.
oci.generative_ai.models.DedicatedAiClusterHostingCapacity The capacity of a hosting type dedicated AI cluster.
oci.generative_ai.models.DedicatedAiClusterSummary Summary information about a dedicated AI cluster.
oci.generative_ai.models.Endpoint To host a custom model for inference, create an endpoint for that model on a dedicated AI cluster of type HOSTING.
oci.generative_ai.models.EndpointCollection Results of an endpoint search.
oci.generative_ai.models.EndpointSummary Summary information for an endpoint resource.
oci.generative_ai.models.FineTuneDetails Details about fine-tuning a custom model.
oci.generative_ai.models.LoraTrainingConfig The Lora training method hyperparameters.
oci.generative_ai.models.Model You can create a custom model by using your dataset to fine-tune an out-of-the-box text generation base model.
oci.generative_ai.models.ModelCollection Results of a model search.
oci.generative_ai.models.ModelMetrics Model metrics during the creation of a new model.
oci.generative_ai.models.ModelSummary Summary of the model.
oci.generative_ai.models.ObjectStorageDataset The dataset is stored in an OCI Object Storage bucket.
oci.generative_ai.models.TFewTrainingConfig The TFEW training method hyperparameters.
oci.generative_ai.models.TextGenerationModelMetrics The text generation model metrics of the fine-tuning process.
oci.generative_ai.models.TrainingConfig The fine-tuning method and hyperparameters used for fine-tuning a custom model.
oci.generative_ai.models.UpdateDedicatedAiClusterDetails The data to update a dedicated AI cluster.
oci.generative_ai.models.UpdateEndpointDetails The data to update an endpoint.
oci.generative_ai.models.UpdateModelDetails The data to update a custom model.
oci.generative_ai.models.VanillaTrainingConfig The Vanilla training method hyperparameters.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequest An asynchronous work request.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while performing an operation that is tracked by this work request.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection A list of work request errors.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestLogEntry The log message from performing an operation that is tracked by this work request.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection A list of work request logs.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestResource The resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestSummary Summary information about an asynchronous work request.
oci.generative_ai.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection A list of work requests.