oci.nosql.NosqlClient The control plane API for NoSQL Database Cloud Service HTTPS provides endpoints to perform NDCS operations, including creation and deletion of tables and indexes; population and access of data in tables; and access of table usage metrics.
oci.nosql.NosqlClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around NosqlClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.nosql.models.ChangeTableCompartmentDetails Specification of both from and to compartments.
oci.nosql.models.Column A column of a table.
oci.nosql.models.CreateIndexDetails Specifications for the new index.
oci.nosql.models.CreateReplicaDetails Specifications for the new replica
oci.nosql.models.CreateTableDetails Specifications for the new table.
oci.nosql.models.DeleteRowResult The result of a DeleteRow operation.
oci.nosql.models.Identity The identity properties of a table, if any.
oci.nosql.models.Index Information about an index.
oci.nosql.models.IndexCollection Results of ListIndexes.
oci.nosql.models.IndexKey Specifies a single key in a secondary index.
oci.nosql.models.IndexSummary Information about an index.
oci.nosql.models.PreparedStatement The result of query preparation.
oci.nosql.models.QueryDetails All the information surrounding a query, including the query statement, limits, consistency, and so forth.
oci.nosql.models.QueryResultCollection The result of a query.
oci.nosql.models.Replica Information about a MR table replica
oci.nosql.models.RequestUsage The usage metrics for a request.
oci.nosql.models.Row The result of GetRow.
oci.nosql.models.Schema The table schema information as a JSON object.
oci.nosql.models.StatementSummary Information derived from parsing a NoSQL SQL statement.
oci.nosql.models.Table Complete metadata about a table.
oci.nosql.models.TableCollection Results of ListTables.
oci.nosql.models.TableLimits Throughput and storage limits configuration of a table.
oci.nosql.models.TableSummary Summary of the table.
oci.nosql.models.TableUsageCollection Result of GetTableUsage.
oci.nosql.models.TableUsageSummary TableUsageSummary represents a single usage record, or slice, that includes information about read and write throughput consumed during that period as well as the current information regarding storage capacity.
oci.nosql.models.UpdateRowDetails Specifications for the putting of a table row.
oci.nosql.models.UpdateRowResult The result of an UpdateRow operation.
oci.nosql.models.UpdateTableDetails The information to be updated.
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequest A description of workrequest status.
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestCollection Results of ListWorkRequests
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of ListWorkRequestErrors
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection Results of ListWorkRequestLogs
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.nosql.models.WorkRequestSummary A description of workrequest status.