oci.identity.IdentityClient Use the Identity and Access Management Service API to manage users, groups, identity domains, compartments, policies, tagging, and limits.
oci.identity.IdentityClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around IdentityClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.identity.models.AddLockDetails Request payload to add lock to the resource.
oci.identity.models.AddUserToGroupDetails AddUserToGroupDetails model.
oci.identity.models.AllowedDomainLicenseTypeSummary (For tenancies that support identity domains) The ‘AllowedDomainLicenseTypeSummary’ object contains information about the license type of the identity domain.
oci.identity.models.ApiKey A PEM-format RSA credential for securing requests to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST API.
oci.identity.models.AuthToken An AuthToken is an Oracle-generated token string that you can use to authenticate with third-party APIs that do not support Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s signature-based authentication.
oci.identity.models.AuthenticationPolicy Authentication policy, currently set for the given compartment.
oci.identity.models.AvailabilityDomain One or more isolated, fault-tolerant Oracle data centers that host cloud resources such as instances, volumes, and subnets.
oci.identity.models.BaseTagDefinitionValidator Validates a definedTag value.
oci.identity.models.BulkActionResource The bulk action resource entity.
oci.identity.models.BulkActionResourceType BulkActionResourceType model.
oci.identity.models.BulkActionResourceTypeCollection Collection of resource-types supported by a compartment bulk action.
oci.identity.models.BulkDeleteResourcesDetails BulkDeleteResourcesDetails model.
oci.identity.models.BulkDeleteTagsDetails Properties for deleting tags in bulk
oci.identity.models.BulkEditOperationDetails BulkEditOperationDetails model.
oci.identity.models.BulkEditResource BulkEditResource model.
oci.identity.models.BulkEditTagsDetails BulkEditTagsDetails model.
oci.identity.models.BulkEditTagsResourceType BulkEditTagsResourceType model.
oci.identity.models.BulkEditTagsResourceTypeCollection The list of resource types that support bulk editing of tags.
oci.identity.models.BulkMoveResourcesDetails BulkMoveResourcesDetails model.
oci.identity.models.ChangeDomainCompartmentDetails ChangeDomainCompartmentDetails model.
oci.identity.models.ChangeDomainLicenseTypeDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Details for updating the license type of the identity domain.
oci.identity.models.ChangeTagNamespaceCompartmentDetail Details of the compartment the resource is being moved to.
oci.identity.models.ChangeTasDomainLicenseTypeDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Update the identity domain license type.
oci.identity.models.Compartment A collection of related resources.
oci.identity.models.CreateApiKeyDetails CreateApiKeyDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateAuthTokenDetails CreateAuthTokenDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateCompartmentDetails CreateCompartmentDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateCustomerSecretKeyDetails CreateCustomerSecretKeyDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateDbCredentialDetails CreateDbCredentialDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateDomainDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Details for creating an identity domain.
oci.identity.models.CreateDynamicGroupDetails Properties for creating a dynamic group.
oci.identity.models.CreateGroupDetails CreateGroupDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateIdentityProviderDetails CreateIdentityProviderDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateIdpGroupMappingDetails CreateIdpGroupMappingDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateNetworkSourceDetails Properties for creating a network source object.
oci.identity.models.CreateOAuth2ClientCredentialDetails CreateOAuth2ClientCredentialDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreatePolicyDetails CreatePolicyDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateRegionSubscriptionDetails CreateRegionSubscriptionDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateSaml2IdentityProviderDetails CreateSaml2IdentityProviderDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateSmtpCredentialDetails CreateSmtpCredentialDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateSwiftPasswordDetails CreateSwiftPasswordDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateTagDefaultDetails CreateTagDefaultDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateTagDetails CreateTagDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateTagNamespaceDetails CreateTagNamespaceDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CreateUserDetails CreateUserDetails model.
oci.identity.models.CustomerSecretKey A CustomerSecretKey is an Oracle-provided key for using the Object Storage Service’s `Amazon S3 compatible API`__.
oci.identity.models.CustomerSecretKeySummary As the name suggests, a CustomerSecretKeySummary object contains information about a CustomerSecretKey.
oci.identity.models.DbCredential Database credentials are needed for onboarding cloud database to identity.
oci.identity.models.DbCredentialSummary As the name suggests, an DbCredentialSummary object contains information about an DbCredential.
oci.identity.models.DefaultTagDefinitionValidator Use this validator to clear any existing validator on the tag key definition with the UpdateTag operation.
oci.identity.models.Domain (For tenancies that support identity domains) Properties for an identity domain.
oci.identity.models.DomainReplication (For tenancies that support identity domains) Identity domain replication states.
oci.identity.models.DomainReplicationStates (For tenancies that support identity domains) The identity domain replication log for all identity domains for a given region.
oci.identity.models.DomainSummary (For tenancies that support identity domains) As the name suggests, a DomainSummary object contains information about a Domain.
oci.identity.models.DynamicGroup A dynamic group defines a matching rule.
oci.identity.models.EnableReplicationToRegionDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Identity domain replication request packet.
oci.identity.models.EnumTagDefinitionValidator Used to validate the value set for a defined tag and contains the list of allowable values.
oci.identity.models.FaultDomain A Fault Domain is a logical grouping of hardware and infrastructure within an Availability Domain that can become unavailable in its entirety either due to hardware failure such as Top-of-rack (TOR) switch failure or due to planned software maintenance such as security updates that reboot your instances.
oci.identity.models.FullyQualifiedScope FullyQualifiedScope model.
oci.identity.models.Group A collection of users who all need the same type of access to a particular set of resources or compartment.
oci.identity.models.IamWorkRequest (For tenancies that support identity domains) An IAM work request object that allows users to track the status of asynchronous API requests.
oci.identity.models.IamWorkRequestErrorSummary (For tenancies that support identity domains) An error encountered while executing an operation that is tracked by a IAM work request.
oci.identity.models.IamWorkRequestLogSummary (For tenancies that support identity domains) The log entity for a IAM work request.
oci.identity.models.IamWorkRequestResource (For tenancies that support identity domains) A IAM work request resource entry.
oci.identity.models.IamWorkRequestSummary (For tenancies that support identity domains) The IAM work request summary.
oci.identity.models.IdentityProvider The resulting base object when you add an identity provider to your tenancy.
oci.identity.models.IdentityProviderGroupSummary A group created in an identity provider that can be mapped to a group in OCI
oci.identity.models.IdpGroupMapping A mapping between a single group defined by the identity provider (IdP) you’re federating with and a single IAM Service Group in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
oci.identity.models.ImportStandardTagsDetails ImportStandardTagsDetails model.
oci.identity.models.MfaTotpDevice Users can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their own user accounts.
oci.identity.models.MfaTotpDeviceSummary As the name suggests, a MfaTotpDeviceSummary object contains information about a MfaTotpDevice.
oci.identity.models.MfaTotpToken Totp token for MFA
oci.identity.models.MoveCompartmentDetails MoveCompartmentDetails model.
oci.identity.models.NetworkPolicy Network policy, which consists of a list of network source IDs.
oci.identity.models.NetworkSources A network source specifies a list of source IP addresses that are allowed to make authorization requests.
oci.identity.models.NetworkSourcesSummary A network source specifies a list of source IP addresses that are allowed to make authorization requests.
oci.identity.models.NetworkSourcesVirtualSourceList NetworkSourcesVirtualSourceList model.
oci.identity.models.OAuth2ClientCredential User can define Oauth clients in IAM, then use it to generate a token to grant access to app resources.
oci.identity.models.OAuth2ClientCredentialSummary User can define Oauth clients in IAM, then use it to generate a token to grant access to app resources.
oci.identity.models.PasswordPolicy Password policy, currently set for the given compartment.
oci.identity.models.Policy A document that specifies the type of access a group has to the resources in a compartment.
oci.identity.models.Region A localized geographic area, such as Phoenix, AZ.
oci.identity.models.RegionSubscription An object that represents your tenancy’s access to a particular region (i.e., a subscription), the status of that access, and whether that region is the home region.
oci.identity.models.RemoveLockDetails Request payload to remove lock to the resource.
oci.identity.models.ReplicatedRegionDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Properties for a region where a replica for the identity domain exists.
oci.identity.models.ResourceLock Resource locks are used to prevent certain APIs from being called for the resource.
oci.identity.models.Saml2IdentityProvider A special type of IdentityProvider that supports the SAML 2.0 protocol.
oci.identity.models.ScimClientCredentials The OAuth2 client credentials.
oci.identity.models.SmtpCredential Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) credentials are needed to send email through Email Delivery.
oci.identity.models.SmtpCredentialSummary As the name suggests, an SmtpCredentialSummary object contains information about an SmtpCredential.
oci.identity.models.StandardTagDefinitionTemplate The template of the tag definition.
oci.identity.models.StandardTagNamespaceTemplate The template of the standard tag namespace.
oci.identity.models.StandardTagNamespaceTemplateSummary The template of the standard tag namespace.
oci.identity.models.SwiftPassword Deprecated.Use :class:`AuthToken` instead..
oci.identity.models.Tag A tag definition that belongs to a specific tag namespace.
oci.identity.models.TagDefault Tag defaults let you specify a default tag (tagnamespace.tag=”value”) to apply to all resource types in a specified compartment.
oci.identity.models.TagDefaultSummary Summary information for the specified tag default.
oci.identity.models.TagNamespace A managed container for defined tags.
oci.identity.models.TagNamespaceSummary A container for defined tags.
oci.identity.models.TagSummary A tag definition that belongs to a specific tag namespace.
oci.identity.models.TaggingWorkRequest The asynchronous API request does not take effect immediately.
oci.identity.models.TaggingWorkRequestErrorSummary The error entity.
oci.identity.models.TaggingWorkRequestLogSummary The log entity.
oci.identity.models.TaggingWorkRequestSummary The work request summary.
oci.identity.models.Tenancy The root compartment that contains all of your organization’s compartments and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud resources.
oci.identity.models.UIPassword A text password that enables a user to sign in to the Console, the user interface for interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
oci.identity.models.UIPasswordInformation Information about the UIPassword, which is a text password that enables a user to sign in to the Console, the user interface for interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
oci.identity.models.UpdateAuthTokenDetails UpdateAuthTokenDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateAuthenticationPolicyDetails Update request for authentication policy, describes set of validation rules and their parameters to be updated.
oci.identity.models.UpdateCompartmentDetails UpdateCompartmentDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateCustomerSecretKeyDetails UpdateCustomerSecretKeyDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateDomainDetails (For tenancies that support identity domains) Update identity domain details.
oci.identity.models.UpdateDynamicGroupDetails Properties for updating a dynamic group.
oci.identity.models.UpdateGroupDetails UpdateGroupDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateIdentityProviderDetails UpdateIdentityProviderDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateIdpGroupMappingDetails UpdateIdpGroupMappingDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateNetworkSourceDetails UpdateNetworkSourceDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateOAuth2ClientCredentialDetails UpdateOAuth2ClientCredentialDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdatePolicyDetails UpdatePolicyDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateSaml2IdentityProviderDetails UpdateSaml2IdentityProviderDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateSmtpCredentialDetails UpdateSmtpCredentialDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateStateDetails UpdateStateDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateSwiftPasswordDetails UpdateSwiftPasswordDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateTagDefaultDetails UpdateTagDefaultDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateTagDetails UpdateTagDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateTagNamespaceDetails UpdateTagNamespaceDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateUserCapabilitiesDetails UpdateUserCapabilitiesDetails model.
oci.identity.models.UpdateUserDetails UpdateUserDetails model.
oci.identity.models.User An individual employee or system that needs to manage or use your company’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.
oci.identity.models.UserCapabilities Properties indicating how the user is allowed to authenticate.
oci.identity.models.UserGroupMembership An object that represents the membership of a user in a group.
oci.identity.models.WorkRequest The asynchronous API request does not take effect immediately.
oci.identity.models.WorkRequestError The error entity.
oci.identity.models.WorkRequestLogEntry The log entity.
oci.identity.models.WorkRequestResource The resource entity.
oci.identity.models.WorkRequestSummary The work request summary.