Task Overview for Authoring the Transform Script

The transform script contains the actions to apply to your data. When you create a transform, the application automatically creates a basic transform script. Edit this script and add actions to prepare and enrich your data.

Task Description More Information
Work with different views. View the columns of your data set with their data type and sample values, or view the complete data set with all the values.

Working with the Metadata View

Working with the Sample Data View

Edit the data set structure. Edit the names of the columns in the data set, change their order, or delete columns.

Changing the Column Order

Changing the Column Name

Merging Columns

View and apply alerts and recommendations. Improve, repair, and enhance your data using the suggestions in the alerts and recommendations.

Viewing and Applying Recommendations

Viewing and Fixing Alerts

Prepare data. Improve your data by concealing (obfuscating) sensitive data, normalizing values, finding duplicates, or eliminating rows with null values.

Handling Sensitive Information

Unifying Classified Data Values

Using Regular Expressions

Finding Duplicates in Your Data

Checking for Null Data

Enrich data sets. Add information to your data based on the existing information. Enriching Data Sets