Creating a new Bursting Definition

For Narrative Reporting Deployments:

You can create a new Bursting Definition in the following ways:

  1. To create a new Bursting Definition from the Narrative Reporting system folder or in any non-system folder, click Add add and select Bursting Definition from the menu.

    Multiple ways to create book
  2. From the Home page, click Bursting Definition.

    From the Bursting Definition pane, click Add add.

    from book pane
  3. From the Home page, click Create, and select Bursting Definition.

    book home page

For Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Deployments:

You access the Bursting Definition:

From an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud service, select report card Report card, and from the left pane select Reports icon, and click Create drop-down menu at the top of the content pane, and then click Bursting to launch the Bursting Definition Window.

navigation_report_card 3


For Tax Reporting Cloud Services, you need to navigate to the Library, and then select the Reports tab.

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