Configuring the Library Channel

Using the Library Configuration, you can define the artifact (file) name, select the Library root folder and path hierarchy (folder path) and optionally choose to assign all permissions to the output file to selected users and groups.

To set the Library options, perform these steps:

  1. Create a new Bursting Definition or select an existing Bursting Definition in edit mode.

  2. Select the Library channel checkbox.

  3. You can optionally select Assign all permissions to the generated reports to forego using the Targeted Distribution File and assign the Library access to all the output files to selected users and groups.

  4. In User List, click add users to launch the Manage Users dialog box.

    See the Managing Users topic for more information on defining system users, and groups.

    You cannot provide an external email address.

  5. To define the Attachment Name, and Path Hierarchy, you can use a combination of hard coded text and text functions.

    • To insert a text function. Click the Text function icon. The following text functions are supported:

      • DateTime

      • MemberName

      • MemberAlias

      • ArtifactName

      • ArtifactDescription

      For example:

      • For the Attachment Name: ArtifactDescription() - MemberAlias("Fiscal Calendar") will return the report description and alias for each Segment member, such as: Income Statement Act vs Plan – Boom Box.pdf

      • For the Path Hierarchy: Report/ArtifactName() will create a folder structure with Report as subfolder under the Root Folder, and the report name as a subfolder under it: Report/Sample Report 1

    • Click Select to close the Text Functions dialog box.

  6. In Root Folder, select a folder, and then click OK.

  7. Select the Overwrite option to replace the existing output files in the Library.

    Library setting in the Bursting Definition

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