Campaign approvals

Campaign approvals facilitate the verification of content (emails, landing pages, and so on) prior to activating a campaign.

Note: This feature is included in the Standard and Enterprise trims. For more information, contact your account representative or log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

It is important to validate the content of the emails, landing pages and other content that is included in a campaign. Campaign approvals can help you with this type of content verification before a campaign is activated. If you do not have this add-on, campaigns can be activated by the owner (creator) of the campaign or anyone with the necessary permissions. See Activating multi-step campaigns for more information.

With campaign approvals, Oracle Eloqua administrators have the ability to customize the stages in the approval workflow. They can also select which users are authorized to approve the content that is being reviewed. After all campaign stages (steps) have been approved, the campaign can be activated.

At a high level, the campaign approval process occurs as follows:

  1. Create a standard workflow for approvals that can be used for all future campaigns. You need to specify which users are authorized as approvers at each stage. Learn more about configuring the campaign approval workflow.
  2. To manage the approvals feature you must be a member of a security group that has access to approvals. Learn more about enabling campaign approvals for groups.
  3. You can configure the approvals feature to allow certain groups or users to activate campaigns without going through the approvals process. Learn more about granting campaign activation permission.
  4. When a campaign is ready to be approved, you can send a campaign approval request and check the status of the approval.
  5. Reviewers have the option to either approve or reject the campaign.
  6. After the campaign is approved, it can be activated. Learn more about activating a campaign.

Note: The approvals workflow is not available for simple email and A/B test campaigns.

Next steps

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