Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base feature helps you organize and publish information specific to your business. You can create knowledge bases to organize FAQ or to publish information to your NetSuite account and website. NetSuite knowledge bases are flexible, solutions can be organized into multiple topics and subtopics, allowing for efficient indexing and accessing of information.

Building a knowledge base has many positive impacts on your business. A knowledge base can reduce the number of customer service cases because customers can use the Customer Center and find answers to their issues. For information on how to set up a knowledge base, see Setting Up a Knowledge Base.

Creating solutions for your knowledge base shortens the time your support reps spend answering cases. Solutions can be quickly found, attached to the case record, emailed to the customer and the case closed.

Some common uses for knowledge bases are:

For example, several customers requested information on the sound quality of speakers they purchased from you. Your customer support reps might want to create solutions explaining how to solve the problem. These solutions can be published under a topic in a knowledge base. The main topic would be called Speakers with a subtopic of Speaker Sound Quality. Support staff would then create solutions and attach them to the relevant subtopic. When you publish a topic, all subtopics and solutions attached to these subtopics are also published.

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