Enabling SuiteFlow

Access to SuiteFlow is controlled using roles and permissions. You need to be logged into and using a role with the Workflow permission assigned to it. Additionally, the SuiteFlow feature must be enabled on the account you are using.


To enable SuiteFlow on an account, you must be logged into the Administrator role.

To enable SuiteFlow:

  1. Go to Setup > Company> Setup Tasks > Enable Features.

  2. Click the SuiteCloud tab.

  3. Under SuiteFlow, check the SuiteFlow box.

  4. Click Save.


When you enable SuiteFlow, you may be guided through a series of prompts to enable Client and Server SuiteScript. Do not turn off any of these features after they are enabled.

After SuiteFlow is enabled on an account, users with the Workflow permission can view, create, and edit workflows. For more information about workflow permissions, see Required Permissions for SuiteFlow.

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