Required Permissions for SuiteFlow

Access to NetSuite data and to the NetSuite UI is based on users, roles, and permissions. Each role includes a set of associated permissions that determine the data users can see and the tasks that they can perform. Permissions are associated with roles and roles are assigned to users. For more information about roles and permissions, see NetSuite Users & Roles.

For access to all SuiteFlow functionality, use the Administrator role. For more information about the Administrator role, see The Administrator Role.

The following table describes the permissions related to SuiteFlow, the associated tasks, and any additional requirements.

Permission Name

Usage Description



View, create, and edit workflows

  • SuiteFlow must be enabled in your account

  • You must have the appropriate permission and permission level for working with the base record types in the workflow


Create and edit workflow action script records

  • SuiteFlow must be enabled in your account

Custom Fields

  • View and edit the Workflow Custom Field record

  • View and edit the Workflow State Custom Field record

Core Administration Permissions

Use the Cancel field in Workflow Instance searches

Control SuiteScript and Workflow Triggers in Web Service Request

Set the SOAP header preference for disabling scripts and workflow triggers per request

Control SuiteScript and Workflow Triggers per CSV Import

Check or clear the run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflow box for each individual report

To add the SuiteFlow permission to a standard role, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles (Administrator). On the Manage Roles page, click Customize next to the role that you want to add the SuiteFlow permission to. On the Permissions subtab, click Setup. In the Permissions dropdown list, click Workflow, and then click Add. Click Save to apply your changes to the role.

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