Managing which Customer Segments can Access Item Segments

When you have defined the item segments and customer segments you want to use, you need to define which item segments can be seen and purchased by which customer segments. This involves two settings:


If you have a SuiteCommerce Advanced website, the following visibility options can be used only after you have upgraded to the 2020.2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later:

  • Disable Purchase

  • Disable Purchase and Hide Price

Do not use these options if your site is using a SuiteCommerce Advanced release prior to 2020.2.

For some item segments, you may not want to restrict them to specific customer segments. In that case, you can make it possible for all users to view and purchase them.

Finally, there may be items on your web store that are not mapped to a customer segment. These are grouped into an item segment called Unmapped Items. Specify which customer segments, if any, need to see and purchase the items in Unmapped Items segment.

You can define which customers can see and buy which item segments from the following areas of NetSuite:


Please be aware of the following:

  • All item collection to customer segment mappings are visible and editable in the Customer Segments Manager regardless of where the mapping was created.

  • If a customer is in more than one customer segment, and these segments have different website visibility levels for the same item segment, the customer will have the highest website visibility level of the customer segments they belong to. For an example of this, see the Head Office Buyers group in the example Different Product Lines Available to Different Customers.

  • Similarly, if an item is in more than one item segment, and a customer has access to more than one of these segments but with different website visibility levels, the highest visibility level will apply to the relationship between the customer and the item. For example, if tomatoes are in both the Fruits item segment and the Vegetables item segment, and a customer has the website visibility level of Display Fully for Fruits and Disable Purchase for Vegetables, the customer can buy tomatoes.

  • If a customer in a customer group has contacts linked to it, the contacts are able to see the associated item segments only if the Give Access checkbox is checked for the customer and the Access checkbox is checked for the contact on the Customer record.

  • If you make a dynamic item collection visible to a customer segment, PCV uses a snapshot of the dynamic item collection members. The snapshot is updated every hour. Similarly, if you use a dynamic customer group as a customer segment, PCV uses a snapshot of the customers in the customer group and updates the snapshot every hour.

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