Downloading a Translation Collection into XML

For information about the terms and concepts described in this topic, see Manage Translations Glossary.

You can use SDF for Translation Collections to store translation strings with their translations in NetSuite. A Translation Collection is defined in an SDF project by translationcollection objects and XLIFF files.

For detailed information about translationcollection objects, see Translation Collections as XML Definitions and Translation Collection Object Fields in XML Definitions.

You can download a Translation Collection to XML from the UI, and you can work with it in an SDF project.

To download a Translation Collection to XML:

  1. Go to Customization > Translations > Manage Translations.

  2. On the Collections subtab, click ... to the left of the collection from which you want to download strings to XML.

  3. Click Download XML.

  4. Browse to the location on your machine where you want to save the file, then click OK.

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