Execution Context Types

Use the following descriptions to determine which contexts are important for your script or workflow to execute in.

For SuiteScript scripts, each execution context type has an associated value in the runtime.ContextType enum. You can use these values to programmatically determine the context in which a script is executing and customize your script logic based on the context. For more information, see runtime.executionContext.

The following table describes the available execution context types. The table also includes usage notes (if appropriate) and links to other help topics to help you further understand the contexts.



Additional Information


Represents a workflow action

Working with Actions

SuiteScript 2.x Workflow Action Script Type

Bank Connectivity

Represents the Bank Connectivity plug-in

Bank Connectivity Plug-in

Bank Statement Parser

Represents the Parser plug-in or Bank Statement Parsers SuiteApp

Bank Statement Parser Plug-in

Bank Statement Parsers SuiteApp

Bundle Installation

Represents a bundle installation script

Using Bundle Installation Scripts

SuiteScript 2.x Bundle Installation Script Type


Represents a client script

SuiteScript 2.x Client Script Type

CSV Import

Represents a CSV import task

To use this context, you must enable the Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows preference at Setup > Import/Export > CSV Import Preferences.

CSV Imports

Custom GL Lines

Represents the Custom GL Lines plug-in

Custom GL Lines Plug-in

Custom Mass Update

Represents a mass update script

SuiteScript 2.x Mass Update Script Type


Represents the SuiteScript Debugger

SuiteScript Debugger

Email Capture

Represents the Email Capture plug-in

Email Capture Plug-in

Financial Institution Connectivity

Represents the Financial Institution Connectivity plug-in

Financial Institution Connectivity Plug-in


Represents a map/reduce script

SuiteScript 2.x Map/Reduce Script Type


Represents a context that is not one of the other available contexts in this table

Payment PostBack

Represents a payment postback task

Payment Processing

Represents a payment processing task

Payment Processing

Platform Extension

Represents a platform extension customization in Commerce

Develop Extensions


Represents a portlet script

SuiteScript 2.x Portlet Script Type


Represents a promotion in Commerce


Rate Adjustor

Represents a currency rate adjustor

REST Web Services

Represents a REST Web Services request

SuiteTalk REST Web Services API Guide

Using the REST Web Services SuiteScript Execution Context


Represents a RESTlet script

SuiteScript 2.x RESTlet Script Type

Revenue Management

Represents an Advanced Revenue Management task

Advanced Revenue Management (Essentials) and (Revenue Allocation)

Scheduled Script

Represents a scheduled script

SuiteScript 2.x Scheduled Script Type

SDF Installation

Represents an SDF installation script

SuiteScript 2.x SDF Installation Script Type

Shipping Partners

Represents a shipping partners task

SOAP Web Services

Represents a SOAP Web Services request

To use this context, make sure that the Disable Server SuiteScript and Workflow Triggers preference is not enabled at Setup > Integration > SOAP Web Services Preferences.

SuiteTalk SOAP Web Services Platform Guide


Represents a Suitelet

SuiteScript 2.x Suitelet Script Type

Tax Engine

Represents a SuiteTax Engine task

SuiteTax Engine

User Event Script

Represents a user event script

This context type represents cases in which records are generated on the backend (as opposed to being generated by the NetSuite UI). For example, the User Event Script context represents the case in which a bill payment record is submitted as part of a non-record page. In contrast, the User Interface context represents the case in which a single bill payment record is submitted from the UI.

User event scripts cannot be executed by other user event scripts. Script deployments or workflows with the User Event Script context type cannot execute other user event scripts.

SuiteScript 2.x User Event Script Type

User Interface

Represents an event in the NetSuite UI

Web Application

Represents a web application task in Commerce

Store Front

Install Your Commerce Website Applications

Web Store

Represents a web store task in Commerce

Store Front

Install Your Commerce Website Applications


Represents a SuiteFlow workflow

SuiteFlow (Workflow)

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