Adding Your Company's Logo to Your Report

You can follow the steps below to add your company's logo to your report. The logo that is added to your report is the logo selected in the Company Logo field at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Company Information.

To add your company logo to your report:

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences.

  2. On the Analytics subtab, check Print Company Logo.


    This setting only adds the company logo only to printed reports. To view the logo on onscreen reports, you must also check the Display Report Title on Screen box on the Set Preferences page or in the footer of the report.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Run the report

The screenshot below shows the Wolf Electronics logo added to the Sales by Customer Summary report. Your logo appears to the left of the title as shown in the screenshot below.

Example of the Wolf Electronics logo added to a report.

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