Enabling GL Audit Numbering and Setting Preferences

Administrators can enable GL Audit Numbering by going to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Accounting under Basic Features. The Accounting Periods feature is a requirement for using the GL Audit Numbering feature.

Choose the frequency of GL audit numbering by going to Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences. On the General subtab under General Ledger, in the GL Audit Numbering Method list, select Base Accounting Period, Quarter, or Year to specify when the GL audit numbering task is available to be processed as part of closing a period. If you change the numbering method, existing numbers assigned through a repeatable GL audit numbering sequence may be renumbered.

Set the reporting and search preference by going to Home > Set Preferences. On the Analytics subtab under Reporting, in the Report by Period list, select Financials Only or All Reports. Selecting Financials Only filters the GL Audit Numbering Report by accounting period.

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