Reports and Saved Searches

You can customize financial reports including the General Ledger, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement to include or exclude GL audit numbered transactions. You can also filter transactions on reports through the GL Audit Number field.

Reports include all posting transactions with or without a GL audit number. Reports can be customized with a GL audit number filter to only show validated transactions with a GL audit number.

In an advanced Transaction search and a customized Transactions report, select the GL# date filter to return the date a GL audit number was assigned to a transaction. Select the GL# Set By filter to return who assigned a GL audit number to a transaction. For information about advanced searches, see Defining an Advanced Search. For information about using Report Builder to customize a report, Report Customization.

If you use GL Impact Locking, you can customize standard, posting transaction types to include the Exclude GL Audit Numbering box. For posting transaction types that are not customizable, you can access this field only through SuiteScript. For information about GL Impact Locking, see GL Impact Locking.

If you use SuiteFlow or SuiteScript, you can add GL Audit Numbering Excluded to your workflow or script. Then you can search for posting transactions that were excluded from GL audit numbering. In an advanced Transaction search, choose the filter GL Audit Numbering Excluded to return excluded posting transactions.

The GL Audit Numbering feature provides a specific report. For information, see GL Audit Numbering Report.

If you use GL Impact Locking for your company or any subsidiary, the general ledger impact of the original transaction is locked to the general ledger and cannot be changed. When changes to the original general ledger impacting transaction are required, NetSuite automatically generates GL impact adjustment copy and GL impact adjustment reversal transactions to preserve the original general ledger impact of the original transaction before the general ledger impacting change under the same GL audit number. You can create saved searches to include or exclude the copy and adjustment transactions that corrected the original general ledger impacting transactions. To include these transactions in a saved search, from the Type list, select GL Impact Adjustment. For instructions about defining a saved search, see Defining a Saved Search.

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