CRM and SFA Documentation Summary

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) with NetSuite includes sales, marketing, partners, and support management. The following help is available for CRM and SFA in NetSuite:

Customer Service & Support

For information about setting up case management including case types, origins, and more, see Setting Up Case Management.

For information about working with cases including creating, escalating, tracking time, and more, see Working With Cases.

For information about issue management including statuses, severities, reproducibility, and more, see Issue Management.

For information about the knowledge base including creating topics, solutions, and more, see Knowledge Base.

For information about monitoring support performance including case alerts on support cases, performance metrics, and more, see Monitoring Support Performance.

For access to all of the NetSuite user guides, see User Guides.

Sales and Marketing

For information about marketing automation including capturing leads, marketing campaigns, and more, see Marketing Automation Overview.

For information about sales force automation including set up, sales forecasting, commission, and more, see Sales Force Automation Overview.

For information about managing partners including creating partner records and more, see Managing Partners. For information about partner commissions and royalties including schedules, plans, and more, see Partner Commissions & Royalties. For access to a variety of partner reports, see Partner Reports.

For access to all of the NetSuite user guides, see User Guides.

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