Numbering Custom Record Types

You can have numbers automatically assigned to your custom record instances for easier tracking and designation.


Prefixes and suffixes are applied to numbering as configured on the custom record. However, the internal ID assigned to a custom record instance can differ from the autogenerated number or manually-specified ID number.


After you enable autonumbering, numbers cannot be removed from records. Disabling autonumbering in the future prevents only future records from being numbered.

To assign automatic numbers to a custom record type:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types.

  2. In the Edit column, click the name of the record type you want to have autonumbered.

  3. Click the Numbering subtab.

  4. To turn on automatic numbering, check the Enable box.

  5. In the Prefix field, enter any numbers or letters you want added before each automatically-generated number.

  6. In the Suffix field, enter any numbers or letters you want added after each automatically-generated number.

  7. In the Minimum Digits field, enter the number or total digits you want as the minimum for autogenerated numbers.

    This adds placeholder zeros to numbers that do not have the number of minimum digits you set.

    For example, enter 4 to have the first number added as 0001. Valid values for this field range from 0–20.

  8. In the Initial Number field, enter the number you want to use to start automatic numbering.

    For example, if you enter 20, the first record instance created is numbered 20, and no record instances are numbered below 20. The next record instance numbered would be 21.

  9. If you want to be able to enter a custom number when you edit the record instance, check the Allow Override box.

  10. To number record instances that have already been created, check the Update box.

    If you have already enabled automatic numbering, checking this box does not change any existing numbers, because those numbers have already been referenced in the system.

  11. Click Save.


Be aware that, as of 2010.2, handling of the Name criteria for custom records searches has been modified. These changes particularly affect autonumbered custom record types. Previously, the value specified for the Name criteria was compared to the Name field values of custom records, to IDs containing prefixes, and to IDs with prefixes. Now, the Name criteria value is compared only to Name field values, providing a more clearly delineated set of results. To search for ID values, users can use the ID criteria.

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