Adding Fields to Custom Record Types

The Fields subtab lets you add fields to your record. You can add as many fields as necessary to your custom record. If any custom segments have been applied to this custom record type, they are listed on the Fields subtab. Custom segments have an ID that begins with cseg.


This subtab is not available until the record type has been saved.

To show inactive fields in the list, check Show Inactives.

To add fields to your custom record:

  1. To create a new field for this record type, click New Field on the Fields subtab.

    For step-by-step instructions for creating a new field, refer to Creating a Custom Field.

  2. Rearrange the fields as needed.

    Select a line and drag it to the required position, or click Move To Top or Move To Bottom. If you have placed the fields on subtabs, moving a field here changes its position in relation only to the other fields on the same subtab.

  3. To edit a field, click the name of the field in the Description column.

  4. Make changes as needed, and click Save.

    Before saving, NetSuite validates any parent-child combinations to ensure that the values are unique. If the same parent-child combination already exists, an error message appears showing the existing entry, and you cannot save the duplicate.


If you want this field to be available for data entry in the Quick Add portlet, check the Allow Quick Add box. By default, this option is not enabled. See Quick Add Portlet.

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