Choosing an Icon for a Custom Record

You can choose an icon to represent a custom record in the NetSuite user interface. Users can quickly identify the record type through this visual cue. These icons are used in the following places:

You can choose from 70 prebuilt icons or create your own custom icon.

The following image shows the prebuilt icons from which you can choose:

Custom icon images.

To associate an icon with a custom record:

  1. On the Icon subtab of the custom record, choose the Use Built-In Icon or the Use Custom Icon option.

  2. If you choose Use Built-In Icon, you can select an icon from the list.

    Alternatively, you can click the picker to view available icons and select the one you want to use.

    Sample Icon subtab showing icon picker.
  3. If you choose Use Custom Icon, select its file. For requirements for custom icons and instructions for creating them, see Creating Icons for Custom Records.

  4. Click Save.

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