Script Type Usage Unit Limits

The following table lists the maximum allowable usage units for each SuiteScript (1.0 and 2.x) script type. You can use the Script.getRemainingUsage() method to see how many usage units you have remaining for a particular script.

Script Type

Total usage units Allowed per Script


Bundle Installation Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Bundle Installation Script Type


The limit is 10,000 usage units per execution.

Client Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Client Script Type


Client scripts are metered on a per-script basis.

If an account has one form-level client script attached to a form and one record-level client script deployed to a record (which may be associated with a form), each client script can total 1,000 usage units. Usage units are not shared by all the client scripts associated with a form or record.

For information about record- and form-level client scripts, see Record-Level and Form-Level Script Deployments.

SuiteScript 2.x Map/Reduce Script Type

Map/reduce scripts are available only in SuiteScript 2.x.

There are no limits imposed on the full duration of a map/reduce script deployment instance. Instead, isolated components of the deployment, such as the usage units used by a single method invocation, are regulated. For more information, see Map/Reduce Governance.

Mass Update Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Mass Update Script Type


The limit is 1,000 usage units per record or execution of the script.

Portlet Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Portlet Script Type


RESTlets (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x RESTlet Script Type


The SuiteScript governance model for RESTlets tracks usage units on the API level and the script level. For more information, see the help topic RESTlet Governance and Security

Scheduled Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Scheduled Script Type


Within one scheduled script, all actions combined cannot exceed 10,000 usage units. For example, a scheduled script that includes two calls to record.transform(options) and one call to email.send(options) consumes from 24 to 40 usage units (depending on the record type for record.transform(options)) out of a possible 10,000 usage units available.

If you have a scheduled script with potentially long execution times, you should consider using a map/reduce script instead. SuiteScript 2.x does not have a method to allow you to set recovery points or provide a yield to avoid exceeding the allowed governance for a scheduled script. A map/reduce script has built-in yielding and can be submitted for processing in the same ways as a scheduled script.

SuiteScript 2.x SDF Installation Script Type


The limit is 10,000 usage units per execution.

Suitelets (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Suitelet Script Type


Within one Suitelet, all actions combined cannot exceed 1,000 usage units. For example, a Suitelet that calls record.create(options) and http.get(options) consumes from 12 to 20 usage units (depending on the record type for record.create(options)) out of a possible 1,000 usage units available.

Regardless of the 1,000 unit limit for Suitelets, you should create your Suitelets to be responsive to users, otherwise user experience may be impacted.

User Event Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x User Event Script Type


Regardless of the 1,000 usage unit limit for user event scripts, you should create your scripts so that they are responsive to users, otherwise user experience may be impacted.

Workflow Action Scripts (SuiteScript 1.0)

SuiteScript 2.x Workflow Action Script Type

(also referred to as Custom Action in SuiteFlow)


Within one workflow state, all actions combined cannot exceed 1,000 usage units. For example, if you have developed a custom action (using a workflow action script) that consumes 990 usage units, be aware of the unit consumption of the other actions within that state.

Core Plug-ins

Varies based on the plug-in

The default limit for core plug-ins that do not have more restrictive limits defined is 10,000. See the help topic for each core plug-in for any specific usage unit limits.

Custom Plug-ins


The limit is 10,000 usage units per plug-in.

SSP Application Scripts


For more information, see SSP Application Governance.


There is also a limit of 1,000 usage units when using the SuiteScript Debugger. For more information, see Script Debugger Metering and Permissions.

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