Oracle Machine Learning for R System Requirements

OML4R runs on 64-bit platforms only.

Both client and server components are supported on each of the platforms described in this topic.

Table 1-2 Oracle Machine Learning for R Platform Requirements

Operating System Hardware Platform Description

Linux x86-64

Intel and AMD

  • 64-bit Oracle Linux Releases 6, 7, and 8

  • 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux Releases 6 and 7


Starting with R-3.6.1, Linux 6 is no longer supported.

Oracle Linux may be running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-Bit)

Oracle Solaris on SPARC-64 (64-Bit)

Intel and SPARC

  • 64-bit Oracle Solaris 10 update 11 through Oracle Solaris 11 for both SPARC and x86-64 (Intel) platforms

  • Oracle SPARC SuperCluster

  • Oracle Solaris Studio (formerly Sun Studio) 12u3 or later

Oracle Solaris may be running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-Bit)


64-bit IBM AIX 5.3 or higher

Microsoft Windows x64 (64-Bit)


64-bit Microsoft Windows Professional

The following table shows the supported configurations of OML4R Server components. Oracle recommends that you use Oracle R Distribution, Oracle's free distribution of R, with OML4R. You should install Oracle R Distribution before installing OML4R.

Table 1-3 Oracle Machine Learning for R Configuration Requirements and Server Support Matrix

OML4R Version Open Source R or Oracle R Distribution Oracle Database Release
1.5.1 3.3.0, 3.6.1,,,, 18c, 19c, 21c
1.5 3.2.0,,
1.4.1 3.0.1, 3.1.1,,,
1.4 2.15.2, 2.15.3, 3.0.1,,
1.3.1 2.15.1, 2.15.2, 2.15.3,,
1.3 2.15.1,,
1.2 2.15.1,,
1.1 2.13.2,,
1.0 2.13.2,,


The version of R must be the same on the server and on each client computer. Also, the version of OML4R must be the same on the server and on each client computer.


R-3.6.1 has an OML4R 1.5.1 binary built under R-3.6.1 and is not compatible with the OML4R 1.5.1 built under R-3.3.0.


Starting with Oracle Database 18c, to install OML4R you must use the installation scripts that come with the database. See Install Oracle Machine Learning for R Server for Oracle Database 18c and Later.


In Oracle Database Release, for some embedded R operations to be successful, Oracle R Enterprise releases 1.4.1 and later require the database patch -- 20173897 WRONG RESULT OF GROUP BY FROM A TABLE RETURNED BY EXTPROC (Patch).

Verifying 64-Bit Architecture on Microsoft Windows

OML4R only runs on 64-bit operating systems. You can determine if your Windows system is 64-bit by following these steps

  • On Windows 10:
    • Hold down the Windows key and press I.
    • In the Settings window, under Device specifications, find System type. This entry shows whether the system is 64 bit.
  • On other versions of Windows, refer to the Windows documentation to find out how to display the bit version for your operating system.