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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Oracle Solaris 11.x OS With Desktop Package Cannot Be Powered Off Using Certain Options in Oracle ILOM (16816951, 17952405)

For a server running Oracle Solaris 11.x with the desktop package, the following Oracle ILOM power off options do not power off the server:

  • When performing a graceful shutdown of the server from the Oracle ILOM web interface.

  • When performing a forced shutdown of the server using the stop -f /SYS command from the Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI).

Other power off options work normally.


Change the Power Manager setting in the gnome-power-manager.service file.

  • Depending on whether you want to use the Oracle ILOM web interface or CLI to change the Power Manager setting, do one of the following:

    Note -  If gnome-power-manager demon is currently running, enter pkill gnome-power-manager from the command line to stop it.
    • To change the setting using the Oracle ILOM CLI, edit the gnome-power-manager.service file as follows:

      In /usr/share/dbus-1/services/gnome-power-manager.service file, append --verbose to the following line: Exec=/usr/bin/gnome-power-manager

      For example:

      Exec=/usr/bin/gnome-power-manager --verbose

    • To power-off the server using the Oracle ILOM web interface, do the following:
      1. Select System > Preferences > Startup Applications from gnome-panel's menu list.
      2. Select Power Manager > Edit.
      3. Append --verbose to the following line: gnome-power-manager.

        For example:

        gnome-power-manager --verbose