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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Oracle ILOM Setting Causes Longer Reset And Multiple Reboots

When set, the Oracle ILOM Delay BIOS Upgrade setting delays a planned BIOS firmware upgrade until the next server reboot. Firmware upgrades typically involve multiple system-initiated (automatic) reboots, which significantly increases the time of a routine server reset. If you reboot the server expecting a routine server reset and instead initiate a (delayed) BIOS upgrade, wait until the upgrade is finished. Do not interrupt the upgrade process. Interrupting the upgrade process can result in corrupted firmware and server down time.

Note -  If the firmware upgrade includes an FPGA update, the upgrade process can take as long as 26 minutes to finish.

For details, refer to Update the BIOS and Service Processor Firmware (Oracle ILOM) in Oracle X5 Series Servers Administration Guide.