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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Oracle ILOM Accessibility

You can use the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) browser user interface (BUI) to monitor and manage the server hardware. The Oracle ILOM BUI does not require a special accessibility mode; rather, its accessibility features are always available. The BUI was developed using standard HTML and JavaScript and its features conform to accessibility guidelines.

To navigate a BUI page and select items or enter commands, you can use standard keyboard inputs, such as using the Tab key to go to a selection, or the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the page. You can also make menu selections by using standard keyboard combinations.

For example, using the Oracle ILOM Open Problems BUI page, you can identify faulted memory modules (DIMMs) or processors (CPUs) that would otherwise be identified by a lit LED indicator on the motherboard. Likewise, you can use the Oracle ILOM BUI to monitor the hardware power states that are also indicated by flashing LED indicators on the hardware.

The Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI) is an alternative and equivalent way to access the Oracle ILOM BUI features and functionality. Because the operating systems that run on the Oracle server hardware support assistive technologies to read the content of the screen, you can use the CLI as an equivalent means to access the color-based, mouse-based, and other visual-based utilities that are part of the BUI. For example, you can use a keyboard to enter CLI commands to identify faulted hardware components, check system status, and monitor system health.

You can use the Oracle ILOM Remote Console Plus to access both a text-based serial console and a graphics-based video console that enable you to remotely redirect host server system keyboard, video, mouse, and storage devices. Note, however, that the Oracle ILOM Java Remote Console does not support scaling of the video frame within the Java application. You need to use assistive technology to enlarge or reduce the content in the Java Remote Console Plus display.

As an alternative method to using the BIOS Setup Utility to configure BIOS settings, Oracle ILOM provides a set of configurable properties that can help you manage the BIOS configuration parameters on an Oracle x86 server. Using Oracle ILOM, you can:

  • Back up a copy of the BIOS configuration parameters to an XML file using the Oracle ILOM BUI.

  • Edit the XML file using a standard XML editor. The BIOS XML tags correlate directly to the BIOS screen labels.

  • Restore the XML file of the backed up or edited configuration parameters to BIOS.

The BUI and CLI methods for using Oracle ILOM are described in the accessible HTML documentation for Oracel ILOM at: