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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

ZSF Storage ZS5-4 Might Incorrectly Report a Faulted Processor (31686669)

The Solaris Operating System used in the Oracle ZSF Storage ZS5-4 platform (based on the Oracle Server X5-4) includes the fmd (fault management daemon). This daemon might report low frequencies of memory controller correctable errors that lead to a processor being falsely reported as faulted (fault.cpu.intel.mc_ce). You should safely be able to ignore these spurious faults, which do not affect system operation, and use the fmadm command from the Oracle ILOM Fault Management Shell to manually clear these fault messages.

If the cpu.intel.mc_ce faults occur with high frequency, replace any faulted DIMMs on the associated memory riser card as described in the Service Manual. If that does not fix the problem, then replace the processor.