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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Oracle Hardware Management Pack Accessibility

Oracle Hardware Management Pack software is a set of command-line interface (CLI) tools. Oracle Hardware Management Pack software does not include product-specific accessibility features. Using a keyboard, you can run the CLI tools as text commands from the operating system of a supported Oracle server. All output is text-based.

Additionally, most Oracle Hardware Management Pack tools support command output to a text log file or XML file, which can be used for text-to-speech conversion. Accessible manual pages (man pages) are available that describe the Hardware Management Pack tools on the system on which those tools are installed.

Installation and uninstallation of Oracle Hardware Management Pack can be performed manually, using text commands entered from the CLI. Assistive technology products such as screen readers, digital speech synthesizers, or magnifiers can be used to read the content of the screen.

Refer to the assistive technology product documentation for information about operating system and command-line interface support.

The CLI tools for using the software are described in the accessible HTML documentation for Hardware Management Pack at: