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Oracle® Server X5-4 Product Notes

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Updated: August 2021

Out-Of-Memory Condition Message Following System AC Power Cycle or SP Reset (17622795)

This issue is fixed in SW 1.1.1

During a system-intiated (automatic) AC power cycle or service processor (SP) reset (for example, during a firmware or software update), the SP might display an out-of-memory message, as shown in the following example:

Running BIOS version check...
Stop updating /conf/progparts.version
Running Platform Diagnostics: platform_diags.sh.

System restarted due to Out-Of-Memory condition.

ORACLESP-HW-x5-4_20645 login: 

This is a rare occurrence. If the restart was an intentional system power cycle or SP reset, the "Out-of-Memory condition" message can be ignored.