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What's New in This Guide for Release

Part I Getting Started with ADF Faces

1 Introduction to ADF Faces Rich Client

2 Getting Started with ADF Faces

Part II Understanding ADF Faces Architecture

3 Using ADF Faces Architecture

4 Using the JSF Lifecycle with ADF Faces

5 Handling Events

6 Validating and Converting Input

7 Rerendering Partial Page Content

Part III Using ADF Faces Components

8 Organizing Content on Web Pages

9 Using Input Components and Defining Forms

10 Using Tables, Trees, and Other Collection-Based Components

11 Using List-of-Values Components

12 Using Query Components

13 Using Popup Dialogs, Menus, and Windows

14 Using Menus, Toolbars, and Toolboxes

15 Creating a Calendar Application

16 Using Output Components

17 Displaying Tips, Messages, and Help

18 Working with Navigation Components

19 Creating and Reusing Fragments, Page Templates, and Components

20 Customizing the Appearance Using Styles and Skins

21 Internationalizing and Localizing Pages

22 Developing Accessible ADF Faces Pages

Part IV Using ADF Data Visualization Components

23 Introduction to ADF Data Visualization Components

24 Using Chart Components

25 Using Gauge Components

26 Using NBox Components

27 Using ADF Pivot Table Components

28 Using Gantt Chart Components

29 Using Timeline Components

30 Using Map Components

31 Using Hierarchy Viewer Components

32 Using Treemap and Sunburst Components

33 Using Diagram Components

Part V Advanced Topics

34 Allowing User Customization on JSF Pages

35 Adding Drag and Drop Functionality

36 Using Different Output Modes

37 Using the Active Data Service with an Asynchronous Backend

Part VI Appendixes

A ADF Faces Configuration

B Message Keys for Converter and Validator Messages

C Keyboard Shortcuts

D Creating Web Applications for Touch Devices Using ADF Faces

E Quick Start Layout Themes

F Troubleshooting ADF Faces

G Code Samples

H Using Graph Components