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For guidelines on using earlier documentation with the Siebel 7.8 UI, see Using Earlier Documentation with Siebel 7.8.

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Implementation Planning

This book describes how to plan a new Siebel implementation, or plan changes to an existing Siebel implementation.

Planning a Successful Siebel Implementation 7.0 (PDF only)


These books describe how to install Siebel Business Applications for initial use or how to upgrade them to new product releases.

Deployment Planning Guide
Going Live with Siebel Business Applications
Implementing Siebel Business Applications on DB2 UDB for z/OS
Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools
Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools
Marketing Installation and Administration Guide
Upgrade Guide
Upgrade Guide for DB2 UDB for z/OS

System Administration

These books describe how to plan, set up, and maintain server software for Siebel Business Applications and how to install and upgrade the Siebel database.

Anywhere Administration Guide
Assignment Manager Administration Guide
Business Process Designer Administration Guide (7.7)
Communications Server Administration Guide
Data Quality Administration Guide
Performance Tuning Guide
Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide (7.7)
Reports Administration Guide (7.7)
Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications
Server Sync Guide
System Administration Guide
System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide for Siebel Business Applications
Universal Queuing Administration Guide (7.5)

Application Integration

These books describe how to integrate Siebel Business Applications internally and with third-party products.

Application Services Interface Reference (7.7)
Business Processes and Rules: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration (7.5)
Connector for Oracle Applications (7.5)
Connector for SAP R/3
Mappings for Siebel Connector for SAP R/3
  - SAP R/3-Maps-Accounts-SAP to Siebel
  - SAP R/3-Maps-Accounts-Siebel to SAP
  - SAP R/3-Maps-Order
  - SAP R/3-Maps-Product
  - SAP R/3-Maps-QuoteValidate
Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide (7.7)
Financial Services Connector for ACORD P&C and Surety Guide (7.0)
Financial Services Connector for IAA-XML Guide (7.0)
Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide (7.0)
Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration
Master Data Applications Reference
Master Data Applications Reference for Industry Applications
Mobile Connector Guide (7.5)
Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration
Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration
XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration (7.5.3)

Application Development

These books describe how to configure Siebel Business Applications.

Advisor API Reference
Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications (7.7)
Developer's Reference
Developing and Deploying Siebel eBusiness Applications (7.7)
eScript Language Reference
Global Deployment Guide
Object Interfaces Reference
Object Types Reference
Order Management Infrastructure Guide
Portal Framework Guide
Testing Siebel Business Applications
Tools Online Help
Using Siebel Tools
VB Language Reference (7.7)
Web UI Dynamic Developer Kit Guide

Application Administration

These books describe how to plan, set up, and maintain Siebel Business Applications and application data.

Advisor Administration Guide
Applications Administration Guide
Automotive Guide
Briefings Administration Guide (7.7)
Collaboration Guide
Communications Guide (7.7)
Communications Guide Addendum, Related Files
Consumer Goods Guide (previously Consumer Sector Guide)
Consumer Goods Handheld Guide
Content Publishing Guide
Correspondence, Proposals, and Presentations Guide
Dealer Administration Guide
Demo Users Reference
Email Response Administration Guide (7.7)
Energy Guide (7.7)
eSales Administration Guide
eSales Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications (7.5)
eService Administration Guide (7.5)
eService Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications (7.5.3)
Events Management Guide
Field Service Guide
Finance Guide
Forecasting Guide (7.7)
Healthcare Guide (7.7)
HelpDesk Guide
High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing Guide (7.7)
Hospitality Guide
Insurance Guide (7.7)
Life Sciences Guide
Life Sciences Portals Guide (7.5)
Loyalty Administration Guide
Medical Handheld Guide
Order Management Guide
Order Management Guide Addendum for Industry Applications
Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide
Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications (7.5)
Performance Management Guide
Personalization Administration Guide (7.7)
Pharma Handheld Guide
Pricing Administration Guide
Product Administration Guide
Professional Services Automation Guide (7.7)
Public Sector Guide
Sales Handheld Guide
Search Administration Guide
Service Handheld Guide
Smart Answer Administration Guide (7.5.3)
SmartScript Administration Guide (7.5.3)
Store-and-Forward Messaging Guide (7.7)
Territory Management Guide
Training Guide
Wireless Administration Guide (7.5)

End Use

Documentation for end users of Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Customer Relationship Console User Guide (7.7)
Marketing User Guide


Accessibility Guide for Siebel Business Applications
Release Notes
System Requirements and Supported Platforms


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