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Siebel Developer's Reference provides detailed descriptions of business component and applet classes, user properties, Web template files, operators, expressions, and conditions for Oracle's Siebel Business Applications.

What's New in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0, Rev. B

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support this release of the software.

Table 1. New Product Features in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0, Rev. B

CSSBCBase Class

Modified topic. Encrypt Key Field and Encrypt Service Name are field user properties. These properties were previously listed as business component user properties for this class.

CSSBCActivity Class

Modified topic. Added a note to the key date fields about configuring field validation.


Added new user property. The OverrideViewCachen user property allows you to disable view caching.

CanInvokeMethod: MethodName

Modified topic. Clarified value and usage, and added an additional example.

Named Method n (Applet)

Modified topic. Added a note to the value description that explains the syntax for the user property parameter values that include hyphens or parentheses.

Admin Mode Field

Modified topic. Added a caution about admin mode subordinate relationships.

Parent Read Only Field: buscompname

Modified topic. Replaced the existing example with a new one.

Use Literals For Like

Modified topic. Added information about using scripting when the AutomaticTrailingWildcards parameter is set to True.

Syntax for Predefault and Postdefault Fields

Modified topic. Added a note to the System: Local Currency function in the table advising that this function is not available for use on clients running in standard interactivity mode.

What's New in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0 Rev. A

Table 2 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support Release 8.0 of Oracle's Siebel software. For changes to the Siebel Tools user interface in Release 8.0, see Using Siebel Tools.

Table 2. What's New in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0 Rev. A

Business Component Classes

CSSBCBase Class

Added the RefreshBusComp and RefreshRecord methods.

CSSBCActivityPlan Class

Filters the template picklist in Activity Plans views.

CSSBCFundReq Class

Sends status update email messages that use a template and cannot be configured.

The Field Read Only Field: fieldname user property does not function on this class.

CSSBCPosition Class

Opens a dedicated, second database connection for transactions that update position records.

CSSBCPosition Methods

Added the OnGenReportRelClicked method.

Applet Classes

CSSFrameListDocGen and CSSSWEFrameListDocGen Class

Added the CSSFrameListDocGen class and updated the description of the classes in the topic.

User Properties

Entire chapter

Reorganized by parent object type.

All Mode Sort

When All Mode Sort is set to Normal, queries performed in workflows also use the business component sort specification, even when no visibility has been set.

Always Enable Field n

Allows fields in a service request to be updated after the service request is closed.

Deep Copy n

Do not use this user property when the parent-child relationship is many-to-many (M:M).


Disables the data loss warning on context change in Standard Interactivity applets.

DisableSort (List Column)

Is a list column user property, not a control user property.

Dynamic Hierarchy User Properties

Added the Dynamic Hierarchy Parent Field Id business component user property and a recommendation to contact Technical Support before modifying or inactivating these user properties.


Enables record manipulation operations in field service and task views.

Field Read Only Field: fieldname

Added a caution not to use this user property with the Abstract field of the Service Request business component.

Added a note that this user property does not work with the Fund Request business component.

ForceActive (Control) and ForceActive (List Column)

Forces the field referenced by a control or list column to be active even when not exposed in the user interface.

High Interactivity Enabled

Ensures that an applet is in High Interactivity (HI) mode, which is required by task views.

OnAddAssocUpdateParent: buscompname

Updates a parent business component with the value set in a child business component when an account or contact is associated with that child business component.

On Field Update Invoke n

Added some examples of its use.

Product Selection and Pricing User Properties

Integrate a product business component with the Production Selection and Pricing (PSP) engine.

Revision Condition n

Enables the Revise button on order list applets.

Share Home Phone Flag Field

Deleted this user property: the functionality described in the text is performed by the Share Home Phone Flag and Employee Flag fields.


Specifies whether changes to an asset record cascade to child asset records.

SubCompUpdate On Save

Specifies whether you can update asset records.

Visibility Type

Sets the visibility in calendar applets.

Siebel Web Engine Tags


In High Interactivity views this tag implements the screenbar used for first-level navigation, the picklist used for second-level navigation, and the detail view list used for third-level navigation.

Siebel Templates for Employee Applications

Applet Template Descriptions

Updated the mappable items.

View Template Descriptions

Added the View Parent List With Tabs template.

Updated the mappable items.

Page Container Templates

Updated the mappable items.

Specialized Applet Templates

Added the Applet Email Response - Inbound and Applet Email Response - Outbound templates.

Added the new Search applet templates.

Updated the mappable items.

Specialized View Templates

Added the new Search Results View template.

Siebel Templates for Customer Applications

Entire chapter

Updated the mappable items for applet and view templates.

Operators, Expressions, and Conditions

Functions in Calculation Expressions

LookupValue() can be used in predefault expressions.

OrganizationId() returns the value of the default organization if the user has no organization defined.

Added the Preference() and SystemPreference() functions.

Added a note that ParentFieldValue() returns an error if there is no active parent business component.

Added more examples to ToChar().

About Using Julian Functions

Added more examples.

Syntax for Predefault and Postdefault Fields

Added a note not to put quotes around predefault values for datetime fields.

Added the Expr: 'Timestamp()' and Expr: 'Today()' functions.

About Using [Fieldname.TransCode] to Retrieve the Language-Independent Code for Multilingual Fields

Increases SQL performance when there are many database records and multiple languages.

What's New in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0

Table 3 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support Release 8.0 of the software.

Table 3. What's New in Siebel Developer's Reference, Version 8.0

Business Component Classes

CSSBCOrderMgmtQuoteItem Class

Caution that Product pick map in Product field in Quote Item business component based on this class must be last for pricing engine to work correctly

CSSBCTaskTransient Class and CSSBCTaskTransientBase Class

Support for transient business components in Siebel Task UI

User Properties

CanInvokeMethod: MethodName

Ability to enable and disable methods at the applet level without scripting

Disable Automatic Trailing Wildcard Field List

Ability to disable automatic trailing wildcards in queries for individual fields

Disable Buscomp Hierarchy

Ability to prevent hierarchical relationships from being displayed in list applets

Named Method n (Applet)

Implementing automated responses to data changes without the need to use custom scripts

Page, Url, and View

Arguments for the GotoPage, GotoUrl, and GotoView methods, respectively

Parent Read Only Field: buscompname

Ability to specify multiple TRUE/FALSE tests on parent business component fields that, if TRUE, cause the child business component to become read-only


Ability to specify whether asset records can be updated

Operators, Expressions, and Conditions

Functions in Calculation Expressions

Corrections and additions

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