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Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide

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How This Guide Is Organized

Additional Resources

Revision History

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About Siebel Smart Answer

Smart Answer Manager

Knowledge Base (KB) Files

Training, Learning, and Feedback

Unicode Support

Supported Languages

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Configuration and Implementation of Siebel Smart Answer

Prerequisites for Smart Answer Setup

Creating and Training Your KB

Setting Up Smart Answer Manager

Best Practices for Smart Answer Implementation

Setting Up Smart Answer for International Deployment

Working with Smart Answer Content Types

Working With Smart Answer Settings

Working With Smart Answer Profiles

Creating a Manual Search Profile (Call Center or eService)

Creating an Auto Search Profile (For Service Requests)

Creating an eMail Response Profile

Smart Answer Setup

Importing the Knowledge Base File

Setting the Logging Level of the Smart Answer Log File

Enabling Smart Answer Server Component

Administering Response Groups

Using Multiple KB Files

Using Master/Slave Server Setup Configuration

Administering and Maintaining Smart Answer

Setting Additional Server Component Parameters

Checking Server Component State

Modifying a Category

Creating Additional Categories

Associating Templates and Solutions with Categories

Creating Additional Fields for Analyzing Incoming Messages

Applying Rules

Setting Up Auto Response

Smart Answer KB Performance FAQ

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Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide