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1 Introducing WebCenter

Part I Fundamentals of the WebCenter Spaces Application

2 Learning Your Way Around WebCenter Applications

3 Organizing Your WebCenter Spaces Environment

Part II Working with WebCenter Pages

4 Introducing the Page Service and Oracle Composer

5 Working with the Manage Pages Dialog Box

6 Creating, Editing, and Deleting Pages

7 Working with Page Content

8 Wiring Pages, Task Flows, Portlets, and UI Components

Part III Working with WebCenter Spaces Group Spaces

9 Understanding Group Space Basics

10 Building Group Spaces

11 Managing Group Spaces

12 Managing Group Space Members and Roles

Part IV Working with Shared Services

13 What You Should Know About Shared Services

14 Working with the Documents Service

15 Working with the Events Service

16 Working with the Links Service

17 Working with the Lists Service

18 Working with the Tags Service

Part V Working with Social Networking Services

19 What You Should Know About Social Networking Services

20 Working with the Announcements Service

21 Working with the Discussions Service

22 Working with the Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMP)

23 Working with Wikis and Blogs

Part VI Working with Personal Productivity Services

24 What You Should Know About Personal Productivity Services

25 Working with the Mail Service

26 Working with the Notes Service

27 Working with the Recent Activities Service

28 Working with the RSS Service

29 Working with the Search Service

30 Working with the Worklist Service

Part VII Working with Portlets

31 What You Should Know About Portlets

32 Working with OmniPortlet

33 Working with the Web Clipping Portlet