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ZIP Files

The entire Tuxedo 9.0 documentation set is distributed in five separate ZIP files.
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PDF Tips

Printing and Graphics: These PDF files give you the option of printing the documents. It is better to print from the PDF files than from the HTML files.

The graphics in the PDF files might not display well when viewed online. The print driver type and properties determine the quality of the graphics in the printed PDF files. When the document is opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, try selecting a printer that provides at least 600 dots per inch (dpi) output. If available on the print driver's property pages, select the highest quality print options.

Maximum Files: Your browser or Adobe Acrobat might reach its maximum number of accessed PDF files. You may want to limit the number of PDF files that you access in a single browser session.

Hyperlinks: Each PDF file includes a hyperlinked table of contents. The steps for viewing the table of contents vary depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you are using.

You can also click hyperlinked cross-references to other chapters and sections within the PDF file.