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BEA Workshop Studio User Guide

Introduction to BEA Workshop Studio

Documentation Roadmap

What's New in this Version?

Upgrading Applications from Version 3.0

IDE User Guide

Japanese and Chinese Versions of the IDE

Working with Web Projects

Creating a new web application project

Importing existing web applications

Managing Folder Mappings

Manage existing Java projects as web application projects

Browsing and managing web elements

Live Synchronization of Artifacts with AppXRay

Mapping application dependencies

Understanding the Build Process

Running Applications on Servers

BEA WebLogic Server



Caucho Resin

IBM WebSphere

Mort Bay Jetty

Running an Application

Debugging an Application

Working with Source Control

Using Workshop for JSP


Step 1: Create a Web Application

Step 2: Create the Contents of the JSP File

Step 3: Run the Application on a Server

Step 4: Debug the Application

Using Workshop Perspective

Creating a new web page

Synchronized Editing

Formatting your web pages

Using the variables view

Viewing included pages

Organizing and Adding Tag Library Descriptors

Tag Library Customization

Using the Database Management Tools

Tutorial: Working with Databases in Workshop Studio

Step 1: Setup Project and Connect to Database

Step 2: Display Database Diagrams

Step 3: Work with Database Components

Step 4: Create SQL Statements and Submit them to the Database

Exploring Databases with the DbXplorer

Viewing Database Diagrams and Running Queries

Using the O/R Mapping Tools

Working with Java Persistence API (JPA) Mappings

Adding JPA Support

Generating JPA Mappings

Creating JPA Mappings from a Schema

Annotating Existing Classes for JPA

Managing JPA Entity Mappings

Configuring JPA Properties

Tutorial: JPA with BEA Kodo

Managing JPA Entity Mappings

Generate O/R Mappings and Test with EJBQL

Create and Manage Entities

Managing Persistent Entities with the JPA Persistence Entity Editor

Exploring Persistence Settings

Connecting Entities to a User Interface

Working with Hibernate Mappings

Generating Hibernate Object Relational Mappings

Managing Hibernate Entity Relationships

Configuring Hibernate Properties

Workshop Studio Hibernate Tutorial

Introduction - Hibernate and Workshop Studio

Workshop Studio's Hibernate tutorial application

Create a new Hibernate Web Application project

Connect and analyze database schema using DbXplorer

Examine the database components using DbXaminer

Generate O/R mappings

Using HQL Editor

Managing persistent entities with Entities Editor

Manage Hibernate configuration file with Hibernate Configuration Editor

Export DDL file based on defined Persistent Entities

Test the application

Generating Spring Artifacts

Using Workshop for JSF

Converting HTML files to JSF

Workshop for JSF Tutorial

Create a new web application project

Managed Beans facility

Design Views

Define Page Navigation Rules

Running the application

View web pages in different locale

Adding other web components


Using Workshop for Struts

Working with Struts Applications


Struts Configuration

Struts Configuration Editor

Converting HTML files to Struts

Creating a new Struts action

Adding global and local forwards

Adding global and local exceptions

Navigating with the Struts outline view

Using the Struts Validator Framework

Struts Exceptions View

Viewing pages in a different locale

Workshop for Struts Tour

Opening the Workshop perspective

Viewing web pages

Drilling into web pages

Using the outline view

Using the variables view

Using the property sheet

Navigating web pages

Using the tag selector

Locating included content

Navigating to external resources with AppXNavigator

Opening resources

Editing web pages

Using the smart editors

Using the property sheet

Using code completion

Inserting a variable

Inserting a Struts form

Tracking Dependencies and Page Flow

Viewing Dependencies

Checking for missing resources and broken links

Searching for references to a specific web resource

Opening the Struts configuration

Activating the Struts configuration file editor

Using the Struts outline view

Using the Compound editor

Validating Form Input Data

Loading the Validation Framework Wizard

Creating a new Form Validation

Adding Additional Validators

Running and debugging the application

Creating a server configuration

Run/Debug the Application

Using breakpoints with web pages

Checking for consistency after changes

Java source file inconsistency

Struts configuration file inconsistency


W3C HTML 4.01 Specification

JavaServer Pages (JSP) v1.2 Syntax Reference

JavaServer Pages (JSP) v2.0 Syntax Reference

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.1 Tag Reference

Struts User Guide

Struts 1.2.x Bean Taglib Guide

Struts 1.2.x HTML Taglib Guide

Struts 1.2.x Logic Taglib Guide

Struts 1.2.x Tiles Guide

Struts 1.2.x Validator Guide

JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.1 Core Tags

JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.1 HTML Tags

JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.1 API

MyFaces Tag Reference

Hibernate 2.x Reference Documentation

Hibernate 3.x Reference Documentation

Hibernate Annotations Reference Guide

Spring Framework

Spring IDE


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