The Subscriptions category enables you to control Oracle Beehive's Subscriptions Service. Refer to the module "Managing Oracle Beehive Subscriptions and Notifications" in Oracle Beehive Administrator's Guide for more information.

A subscription, or more specifically, a user subscription, is a special type of policy that allows a user to be informed, through a notification message, whenever a particular event takes place. You create a user subscription from a predefined rule in a subscription template.

The following properties control the behavior of event subscription and polling:

Name Description Optional? Mutable? Initial Value Minimum Value Maximum Value
PresenceConnectionsLimit Maximum number of presence connections a single client may establish through the BDK. Setting this property to 0 disables presence connection initiation. false true 2 0 10
NotificationQueuePollConcurrencyLimit Maximum number of concurrent poll operations allowed on the server. false true 100 1 1000
NotificationQueueSuspendThreshold Maximum number of pending notifications that can be held by the BDK for the client. After the queue reaches that size, a special marker added to the notifications queue and further notifications are suspended. false true 100 1 1000
NotificationQueuePollTimeout Number of milliseconds the server will wait for notifications to appear in the queue during polling operations. Larger numbers save traffic and CPU but increase the number of utilized threads. false true 2000 10 10000
NotificationSessionTTL Number of seconds the event session stays open while client is not polling. false true 60 10 1800