The Utilities category consists of various resources that enable you to more efficiently use the BDK.

Utilities Programming Tips

Working with my Resources

The /comb/v1/d/my resources enables you to retrieve information about the current, logged in user.

The following are some programming tips when using the my resources:

  • The /wstm/list resource with an empty list filter is equivalent to the /my/teamworkspaces resource, which returns the team workspaces that the current, logged in user is a member of. To retrieve the team workspaces that the logged in user may join but is not a member of, use the /wstm/directory resource.

Working with Upload resource

Creating Objects with Content

Creating a Document that contains text involves uploading a text document, creating a Document artifact, then associating the text document with the Document artifact.

Step 1: Upload the content

In a POST request, specify the content you want to upload and a unique Content-id header value (this value is used in the next step to uniquely identify the uploaded content). In the /upload resource, specify the scope of the upload in the uploadscope parameter. Send the POST request (which contains the content you want to upload) to the /upload resource:

                    Content-id: 1000
Step 2: Create the artifact

In a POST request, specify in a Content-id header value the same value you specified in the previous step. In the Document resource create method, /d/adoc resource, specify the scope you specified in the previous step. Send the POST request to the /d/adoc method:

                    Content-id: 1000

The Document resource create method creates a new Document artifact and associates the content you uploaded with the Document's content attribute.

You may attach arbitrary name-value pairs of data to this Document (as well as to any artifact), which can enable end users of your client to manipulate and process documents in your system.


  • You must use the same HTTP session for both steps 1 and 2 of the upload process.

  • To retrieve the content of the document, call /adoc/content/{id}. The smct collabId is only an identifier and not something that you can specifically load. For example:

                        <content xsi:type="obh:identifiableSimpleContent" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">